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Most people envision their life goals and aim to complete them by their mid-thirties to attain the general definition of success. Almost all of them choose one or two of their ambitions and choose to work on them only as the danger of overwhelming themselves and failing at life is a fear many of us have. Some of us can reach the place we want to by thirty, some reach it later, and some never make it at all. Relief is short-lived, once we reach one goal, we aim for another, constantly challenging ourselves and trying to reach as high as possible. Most of us set attainable goals, knowing that the satisfaction of reaching them will motivate us to go for the next one. We shape our entire lives around our goals- lifestyle, academics, family, finances, etc. However, some people have proven themselves to be beyond what we understand as human limits. They constantly set goal after goal for themselves and keep achieving them. Ben Charles Barbosa is one of these remarkable people!

Most people settle for one ambition at a time but Ben Charles is not one of them. He sets his aim in mind and relentlessly pursues them. He doesn’t choose ambitions after he reaches one, he overlaps them and strives towards all of them simultaneously. He was born in New York but shifted to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams and reach where he is right now. He has done the miraculous job of assembling what he thinks is right, what he wants to do, as well as standing for all those who need him to. He has layered all these ideals in his mind to pursue his goals.

Ben Charles Barbosa also foes by the name Crash Barbosa, and this name is a salute to his profession as a Rapper. Rap is perhaps one of the most intense forms of music, where every line is overflowing with words- this perfectly portrays Crash’s personality. His intense and driven personality embodies his love for this genre of music and why he has made a name for himself as a rapper!

Crash has expanded his presence in the media industry by exploring his creativity as a producer as well as a model. He originally grew up in the film industry and he has thus navigated the industry for many long years and has built his expertise in these fields. He has also delved into the art of writing and has produced many works which have added to his presence in the industry!

However, his contribution does not end there. Crash is one of those in the lower spectrum who are self-aware of their position and try their best to do good with the influence they have. Crash has not limited himself to the image of an artist- his focus is not limited to being a rapper, producer, writer, or model. He has delved into the political world and is now an activist as well as a Social Justice Advocate. He is particularly active in the Social Justice Reform sphere and has done a lot of work for Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ). He has also toured, written press releases, and written and produced his web series which features on IGTV that has gotten him national acclaim.

However, as most famous people face backlash, so does Crash. People use his fame against him and his cause and have introduced accounts made only to impersonate and defame him. They use his image, and his work and deliberately misinterpret it to spread discord and undo the work he does. This has hurt his work, his image, and Charles himself and thus his goal is to reach the verified tag so he can work peacefully and not be afraid of trolls! Ben Charles has achieved so much being so young, and can be followed on his Instagram @crashbarbosa to follow the amazing work he will undoubtedly do!

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