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When life gets dark, it’s important to find the light instead of sitting in the corner. That’s what Basim Mirza did. There was a time when Basim and his wife were broke and living out his parent’s basement, and cooking eggs out of the microwave. At this point, Basim realized the importance of hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Basim decided to share his message of a healthy lifestyle with the rest of the world and that is when NutriRise originated. Basim and his wife created NutriRise to help people achieve their wellness goals and spread awareness about the importance of health and hygiene. 

NutriRise aims to offer superior products and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Reducing diabetes? Boosting your overall performance? Nutritional vitamins? Whatever your goal may be, there is a NutriRise product available just for you. Investing in a healthy lifestyle has never been easier. Customers can go to the official NutriRise website ( and find suitable products. 


NutriRise is now one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses in North America, making as much as $20 million every year! NutriRise products consist of non-GMO ingredients and are manufactured in the United States following strict cGMP procedures. Their motto is the people before profit, so NutriRise products are safe and surely are of authentic quality. This also explains why NutriRise stands out from the crowd and is growing every day. NutriRise has helped over 700,000+ customers believe, and take action on their health and continues to do so every second of the day. When Basim commenced NutriRise, it changed his life forever and gave him a purpose. The fact that he was able to help other people achieve their wellness goals and connect to them better led him to work even harder and help people in every possible way. Basim states “When you connect with your inner world, you conspire with the universe to bring goodness to your outer world.” 

Basim has written his book titled – Your Naked Brand: The Guide to Building Your Branded Empire. From making your own start-up to landing your dream job, this book is the ultimate guide towards success!

Besides running his own business with his wife, Basim likes to share his life on Instagram’s IGTV feature and states that he has fallen in love with the application. Basim frequently shares his personal life with his family including his wife, kids, and two adorable dogs. He often shares some words of wisdom and advice on life, success, family, and much more! 

Health and wellness is not something very common in people these days. Most people tend to ignore this strand of life but Basim’s story is the perfect example that proves the fact that achieving your wellness goals helps you achieve other goals in life as well! Basim intended to live a healthy lifestyle and now, he’s helping over millions of people do the same! 

Basim is also a role model for everyone for whom health and wellness matters and if given the attention it deserves, it can change your life for the good! We are so glad that people like Basim are active on social media and are always sharing tips and advice on business and lifestyle. Hence as we’ve already mentioned, Basim has also shared interest in getting verified on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

One can follow him on his Instagram account ( to know more about him and his lifestyle.

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