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Anyone would think that sports and real estate are a pretty strange mix. We did too, but that was before we heard about Bas Pepijn Hudepohl. The young social entrepreneur has done some pretty impressive things all at the age of 25, and the strange mix of his careers is as interesting a story as to how he ever got involved in both of them in the first place. Having been on his initial career path for a significant amount of time before delving into the second one, Bas has a respectable amount of experience when it comes to both business and entrepreneurship. His dealings in both spheres have helped bring him a significant amount of success. 

A Dutch real estate professional, Bas’ fluency when it comes to knowing the market, matching buyers to sellers, even where to invest, is second to none. His ample experience makes sure of that. Owning multiple companies himself, Bas also provides his services to other companies, such as the very reputable one he is working for right now. RB Real Estate, a company spread over an international base, dealing with clients all over the world, is where Bas works as a Managing Partner. The company deals in real estate of all kinds such as luxurious residential and commercial estates, leisure, management, investment, and development. Owing to them having a clientele all over the globe, they have maintained an inventory of diverse and luxury listings, all the while maintaining a good relationship with their agents who are mainly spread across Europe. 

Bas’ objective when it comes to being a real estate professional is introducing an interested buyer to an appropriate seller. With a high success and satisfaction rate, Bas and his team enlist the help of extensive market research, ample communication with the client, and their experience to make sure their clients are happy, making their experience working with them worthwhile. With RB Real Estate’s belief in efficiency being at the heart of their success, they have an outstanding team of agents, marketers, legal experts, designers, photographers, even account and business managers to make sure that the work being done is executed with the utmost care and sophistication. 

Having first ventured into business and entrepreneurship with his interest in sports, Bas founded his first company called Racquet Priority. Being an avid sports fan, he had an interest in soccer and gold, even volunteering at a lot of nonprofits. Eventually, this interest in sports led him to start his first company, Racquet Priority.

Specializing in providing clients with tennis racquets made of the highest quality, Racquet Priority became a staple in the sports world. When working in the sports industry, Bas linked with someone working in sports retail, through who he was introduced to the world of real estate. After some years, they began their own venture and established their own real estate company, and his flight into real estate happened from there. 

Over the course of his career, Bas has met with some interesting people all over Europe and has done business with them, slowly becoming more known in both spheres of his career. Currently, Bas works for over 200 real estate brokers on a marketing basis. 

Now dealing in Luxury real estate, Bas is also working with Luxury Leads (@luxuryleads on Instagram) which is a platform that allows prospective buyers to connect to luxury products such as cars, property, and more through online platforms and magazines. The launch has unfortunately been postponed due to COVID, but their promotions online have not ceased. Bas personally shares pictures of gorgeous property and estates on his Instagram (@bashudepohl), with information about the origins of the estate, renovation details, and whether it is on the market for sale. 

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