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Being questioned, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ is every child’s worst nightmare. This question was used as a test to check whether the child would be good and smart enough to choose the so-called traditional careers or act dumb and regret later by choosing unconventional careers. Children had no options other than choosing careers in fields like medicine, engineering, and law because everyone believed they were the ones that provided a safe and promising future. Not only this, but it was also a common belief that choosing any other field meant the child was a failure or incapable. However, since the world is moving from fragmentation into wholeness, unconventional careers are becoming more and more popular with a will to impact this ever-changing and growing world.

Even though the universe is taking steps to become more progressive, it is still excruciating and strenuous for someone who wants to start a career in less popular and unconventional fields like Instagram. Baran Tanriverdi is one such individual who has spent his life fighting the world’s norm by chasing his unorthodox dream of becoming an Instagram influencer.

Born and raised in France, Tanriverdi was fascinated by technology, and how it is constantly improving. How we started with having landlines and just being able to talk to people in certain radius to now having touch screen phones with which we can call anyone anywhere within seconds. Not just phones, everything surrounding us is influenced by technology in one way or another. All these discourses made Baran fall into the rabbit hole of love for this realm which had no way out. It was that moment when he decided to be a tech influencer because his knowledge, love, and interest in technology is second to none.

The modern world moves at a massively rapid pace, and the competition to bring the best and perfect product faster than the rest is a blood bath. Thus each day, old and newly found companies are launching new products along with intensive marketing strategies. Because of so much hype out there about literally everything, it is impossible to separate fact from fiction. This not only creates doubt in the buyer’s mind but, due to unnecessary abundance, it also overwhelms and confuses them, which usually ends up with them leaving empty-handed. This is where Baran, a tech influencer, comes to bless their lives by providing a lengthy and detailed review about every product from its appearance to its software. He breaks down everything about the tech without any biases towards the company helping viewers decide whether they want to spend their money. Despite initially starting his career as a hobby, Baran soon fell in love with the process and the response he got from his viewers as, according to them, he cleared all confusion and saved them from a significant loss.

Ever since he posted his first review, the word of him being good at what he does spread around like wildfire, bringing a tremendous amount of attraction to his Instagram account, @barantee, where he currently has thirty-one thousand followers, which is continually growing because of his top-notch and authentic reviews. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from his viewers, he decided to create a YouTube channel as well under the name Barantee where he can post reviews in depth without the worry of time restrictions like on Instagram.

Besides being into tech, he is also a lifestyle influencer. His Instagram is a living proof of it, where he lets his followers view his life as an open book by sharing all aspects of his daily life. He loves traveling and often posts about his trips and what went down there. This helps his followers to interact and connect with him, showing that he is much more than just a guy who geeks about new techs.

Choosing an unconventional career path and then achieving myriad success in it was something that seemed impossible, but Baran Tanriverdi made this fantasy evolve into his reality. He is truly an inspiration who sets an example for all of us to follow through his relentless hard work and the desire to help others– showcasing that if we truly have a passion for something, we should muster the courage to chase it till we have achieved it. He broke all the norms and painted his own path leading to success with the help of the fire for his passion that was constantly burning in his heart.

For many, having a huge success on their account would’ve been enough to put out the fire, but for Baran, @Barantee, it just acted as gasoline.

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