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Aziel Melek is an international marketing consultant and socialite. He loves helping people grow their businesses by giving them ample advice and strategies to grow themselves into a leading brand in their field. Besides that, Aziel enjoys spending his time around people by traveling and eating. He enjoys adventure and luxury, and much more.

Aziel has been in the marketing industry for many years now. When he was younger, he was always known for being a people person. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it. In school, he was quite popular among his fellows. People enjoyed his witty sense of humour and his bubbly personality. He was always smiling and making others smile, which helped him a lot in the popularity aspect.

As he got older and had to start getting down to business, he wondered what type of job or experience he could pick that would interest him. After much debate with himself, he figured he would surely be talented in marketing. Aziel is great with people and so must be great at making connections and networking. He got started in the marketing world and instantly started building bonds with people and experiencing plenty.

His years in the marketing sector taught him everything he needed to know about businesses, marketing, and strategies. A point in his life came where he thought to himself that he wished to take things one step further. He had all this valuable information and saw businesses that were struggling, and he longed to help them. That is when Aziel decided he was going to launch his own marketing business and be his own boss.

Aziel started his business, Aeem Melek Consulting, which handles the business development and marketing strategies for their clients. They make sure to cater to each clients’ needs to achieve their monetary and growth goals. Aziel has been spending his days promoting his business and its services. They even have a website that gives an in-depth explanation of the business and a bio of Aziel.

Currently, the talented individual has over 38K followers on Instagram alone. He is also active on other social media platforms. Aziel makes sure to upload a variety of content very regularly to make sure he is in touch with his followers and gives them new and fresh posts to look at every few days. He is truly enjoying his time on social media – meeting people from around the world.

Being one who is so fond of meeting people from wherever they are from, naturally, he is an avid traveler. Before the pandemic, he would spend his free days traveling to wherever he could that would allow him to take time out to breathe, relax, and enjoy. He loves open-air places and those with water such as beaches, lakes, or even just pools. He enjoys spending time sightseeing and seeing what the world has to offer. On his journeys, he is always eager to meet new people. He loves learning about other people’s customs.


In addition to his traveling and networking interest, he is also quite fond of living a luxurious lifestyle, filled with fashion and more. Aziel does not shy away from pampering himself from time to time. He feels it is important for one to destress and treat themselves if they have earned it. He promotes this on his page in the hopes to inspire others to chase after a lifestyle like his. He also has a knack for the performing arts. Aziel has met a few people in the industry who have taught him a thing or two about acting which was quite enjoyable for him.

Aziel is certainly on the path to great success. He spends his days and night working hard to help himself and to help others achieve their dreams. He enjoys working with big-name business and international top business brands. However, he makes sure to take time off when he needs it. He is enjoying his life and is content with himself. 

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