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Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports. It originated from Egypt around 3000 BC. Boxing rose to popularity in the early 1800s. It is a sport that requires great discipline and training. In order to be a successful boxer, one needs to have the ability to harness their inner strength. A successful boxer needs to have the ability to overcome their shortcomings and defeat to keep moving forward. It takes a great heart and desire to keep getting up after being knocked out. In order to have a prosperous career in this challenging and demanding sport, one needs to find the strength within themselves to endure and overcome defeat and failure.

One of these extraordinarily strong and talented individuals is Ayub Momin. At just the young age of six years, old Ayub has already mastered the art of boxing. Ayub first stepped foot in the ring when he was only three years old. He has been boxing ever since he learned to walk. Even at such a young age, Ayub Mumin is not afraid to take on a challenge. He is extremely motivated and has great dedication and commitment to his art. Ayub can almost always be seen training and learning new techniques and disciplines to improve in the squared circle. This young boxer also does yoga and gymnastics to improve his boxing skills which help him learn how to maintain balance and increase his inner strength. 

Even though Ayub’s career is still at its inception, his list of accolades and achievements will make you think otherwise. Just at the tender age of six, Ayub Mumin has accomplished more than some people do in an entire lifetime. Mumin was nominated for the “young sports personality award” last year when he was only five. Ayub has also been featured in the local newspaper “Working News and Mail” four times! As well as several other local newspapers. Due to being such an exceptionally talented young athlete, Ayub has made a few appearances on international media outlets such as BBC news Russia as well as a brief appearance on Sky news. In addition to this Ayub has also had the honor of training with Heavyweight boxer Dillan Whyte. Ayub Mumin also had the incredible opportunity of training with professional Boxer Asinia Byfield for around four months. These opportunities of such altitude have helped propel Ayub’s career to unimaginable heights. But the list doesn’t end here Ayub was also presented with the amazing honor and privilege of performing for the white-collar boxing league “Combat Sports League”. Here Ayub demonstrated his incredible pad work and skipping along with a public workout. In addition to this Ayub also had the honor of exhibiting his exceptional boxing skills in front of a crowd of around 800 people which also included the UK member of parliament Jonathan Lord and the Deputy Mayor of Woking.

At such a young age Ayub Mumin has accumulated a plethora of achievements and accolades. He is a nationwide celebrity and a national treasure. All of this would have not been possible without his extreme dedication and consistency. Ayub’s journey is an inspiration and example for future generations of athletes to come. His incredible journey is proof that success finds those who work hard for it regardless of their age, race, or ethnicity. Ayub overcame all obstacles placed in front of him in the path of realizing his dream. He faced every challenge life placed in front of him head-on without looking back and turned his dream into reality. You can keep up with Ayub Mumin’s unbelievable journey by following his Instagram “@ayubboxinbg”.

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