David Carta (@mr.minus110)

The trend of becoming one successful model is increasing day by day. These days we have seen a huge rise in media channels as well as social media platforms. Apart from those people who professionally belong to the acting and modelling profession, most of the people belonging to other professions are also seen to be quite actively using various social media channels. Many of us feel very comfortable to post our personal information and the routinely happenings on a social media channel as if it is an essential task of our lives. In the same way, we see many young boys and girls on the social media channels who like to post about their hidden talent such as singing, dancing or acting.

The young generation is no more restricted to follow a certain path way to become a star. But with the help of a social media channels a lot of youngsters have become famous stars in a considerably less time. Many such social media stars get a chance to work with renowned professionals from music, fashion and the film industry as well. Social media platforms possess an excellent power of helping the new and emerging stars at the same time. A lot of people who are already a part of the fashion industry and work as a professional also appear to be very active on the social media channels. These professional stay active on the social media to keep their fans and followers updated about their professional and sometimes personal life as well. Their presence on a social media channel is not only a two way communication channel between them and their fans but it also helps them to get a virtual profile that can be accessed by any employers relating to their profession.

David Carta is one of certain shining stars of the fashion and music industry who has been working as a model, actor and singer. The young and passionate David Carta is amusingly good looking model who is quite zealous towards his profession. David has been working as a model since a couple of years but his struggle is as amazing as his personality. David is a self-made man. He has always believed in his talent and has been working too hard to achieve his dream of becoming a model. Many of the models are known for their attractive looks and style which is why they are admired by the viewers. Modelling itself is an art but all it requires is to have the talent to portray the outer beauty. David Carta is one of certain professionals who are blessed to be versatile regarding their talent. He is not only a handsome and attractive looking model but he is also talented to be an actor as well. Comparing to modelling, acting is an art and talent that is well performed by only a few of the models. Acting is not an easy profession. It needs many other qualities than having good looks. David Carta possesses amazing acting skills as well. He has worked as an actor in multiple projects so far.

Additionally, David Carta has a thorough understanding about music and singing. Along with having a gorgeous appearance, Carta is an impressive singer having a soulful voice that is as attractive as his elegant personality. David Carta also known as Mr. Minus on one of the famous social media platforms is 28 year old hard working young and handsome hunk. With having a dazzling and impressive personality along with multiple skills and talent, David Carta is a perfect fit for the music and fashion industry. He does have a charm and charisma that any famous star is supposed to have. Moreover, by having acting skills, David Carta is equally demanding for the film industry as well.

Lucas Martinez (@lucasmrt1)

Lucas Martinez is a young French man with many talents and hobbies. He is known and envied by others for his travels all over the world, visiting a new place every few weeks. He loves socializing and meeting new people while on these trips. Lucas works for fashion magazines, art, and luxury. He has expensive taste and loves to live a lavish lifestyle.

Ever since Lucas was a young boy, he was known for being one to stand out. His classmates and he had different interests and different goals in life. He was always one to dream big and be curious about the world. Lucas was fascinated by the thought of different traditions and cultures and loved to learn about them as a boy. His loved ones have always been happy for him to opt for whichever path he wished for in life.

In addition to the previous, Lucas has long been known for his desire to socialize and make friends. He has forever been known as someone to count on by his friends and family. People enjoy his company as he would light up the room with his stories from his imagination. Moreover, Lucas was admired for his taste and style. He liked observing models and taking on the latest trends be it in fashion or art. He has always been one to like diversity and to be one who stands out. This has been much appreciated by those around him as they respect him for his confidence.

As Lucas grew older, one thing became clear to him: he wished to travel the world. Lucas loves the thrill and excitement he gets when he visits a new country. He enjoys the culture, food, colors, and people wherever he goes. He makes sure to make friends with the locals so he can visit the best places in town. Lucas is particularly fond of beaches and warm countries as he gets to relax and escape from the complexities of life.

He has also been sure to acquire the latest technology such as the iPhone 12 so that he can capture everything and hold onto those memories forever. He loves luxury whether it be in technology or fashion. He has great style and is attractive which has certainly helped him grow his account. His friends and family have learned to grow fond of the adventurous side of him.

Currently, the avid traveler is at a whopping 36.7k followers on Instagram alone. His fans appreciate him for his constant posting and interactions with them. One is never bored by visiting his page as he is always in a new country and making sure to document each step of the way. He has made sure to make full use of Instagram features such as stories and highlights. In addition to Instagram, he is present on Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat where he can reach a different audience.

Lucas’s Instagram is not one for the easily envious. Being one to take on a new country each month, Lucas was certainly not going to let the pandemic stop him. He spent some time in lockdown and quarantine but as soon as things were safe, he was on his way. He has visited countless places like Paris, Portofino, Milano, French Riviera, and more in the year 2020. His pictures are an extreme aesthetic with blue waters, blue skies, and the sun out. Lucas makes sure to post a picture of his drink and his outfit so that fans can get inspired by him. Lately, he has been visiting places with snow.

Lucas is someone who is certainly on his way to great fame. He already has established a wide following and it is merely going to grow. He is happy to share his love of traveling with his followers but that is not all. He shows his work in fashion magazines and appreciates art too. His fans enjoy visiting his page daily.

Brother & Sisters (@brotherandsistersbs)

From being an indicator of wealth, social class, and rank, to a clasp for clothes and garments in the shape of brooches and pins, to now being a staple in peoples everyday appearance, jewelry has served different purposes and continues to grow as an important part of our everyday lives. One would be hardpressed to find even one person who would not be wearing at least one piece of jewelry, be it a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet.

The concept of jewelry, or simply donning oneself with an arrangement made of stone or metal, to elevate your look and appearance is by no means a discovery. Dating back to around 25,000 years ago, the first instances of people using everyday materials as “jewelry” was discovered in Monaco in the form of a necklace made of fish bones. However, it was some 40,000 years ago that the species that came before homo-sapiens were known to wear similar materials to bones and teeth as a form of adornment. A necklace made of Nassarius shells dated back to almost 100,000 years ago, while the oldest known civilization known to produce jewelry are the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. This is proof of how far jewelry has come over the ages.

As the integration of jewelry into our daily wear has come full circle, especially with mass producers realizing how profitable of a good it is, the spectrum has sadly become black and white, with good quality jewelry becoming far too expensive and the only affordable jewelry being of poor quality with not much wear to it. Next is the cheaply made jewelry that looks expensive, but as we go on, we realize that jewelry enthusiasts have found themselves to be in a dilemma.

With mass production of jewelry and it being sold on all kinds of platforms, ensuring the quality and affordability has become quite the task in this age of smart shopping. The gravity of this issue was felt by sibling pair Anna and Dmitriy Krestyaninov, who realized how inconvenient and vexing the process of finding good quality and attractive jewelry was and decided that something had to be done. With the motto “luxury jewelry without the luxury price”, they started their business called “Brother and Sisters” from France in 2017. Following through with this vision of providing well made, enticing jewelry that didn’t cost an arm and a leg while still carrying flair and sophistication, they have successfully propelled their business from a solution to their frustration to something that helps people all around the world.

With their goal being to give consumers (and jewelry enthusiasts alike) access to suave and contemporary jewelry without charging them a hefty sum, this sibling impair was able to do just that. They pledge that to keep prices low and the quality of their products high, they ”don’t spend a pile of money on advertising and have simple packaging for our accessories”. They also make sure their customers come back by keeping their prices at a lesser profit margin. This ensures that buyers stay interested and decreases the chances of people finding better options to buy, which is a testament to their 35,000+ customers.

Other than their website (https://brother-and-sisters.com), which is as elegant as their jewelry, they also use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote their brand in a manner that is resourceful and does not require spending heaps on promotion. Their website is incredibly user-friendly, where a websurfer is welcomed with changing images of their products being modeled. For an easier browsing experience, their products are divided into male, female and unisex categories with prices and color options listed under sizable visuals of the product itself.

Their Instagram account (@brothersandsistersbs) displays their pieces adorned by bloggers and customers who clearly look like they are very pleased with what they have. This brand loyalty is also displayed through their whopping 85k followers, with them gaining over a thousand followers daily! Including their Facebook of the same name, they have a combined following of over 100,000! Have a look at some of their gorgeous pieces!

Atef Emad Atef Yaseen (@iambwickle)

Atef Emad Atef Yaseen is a professional with a sense of humor. He has a blossoming career and has been in the business management world since his time at university. He now works in a reputable Real Estate agency and has been able to establish himself in that line of work. When he is not working, he enjoys sharing memes with his many followers to share a laugh with them.

When Atef was a young boy, people have enjoyed interacting with him as he was always able to offer the best advice and was eager to help everyone out. Whenever Atef would enter the room, it would immediately brighten up as he would fill the room with laughter; there was never a dull moment with Atef in the room. When the time came for him to decide what he wishes to do in the future, he was sure of wanting to use his communication skills.

In addition to being someone great to talk to, Atef also possessed a decent business mentality from a young age. He and his family were sure that he would progress in this field and so for university, Atef made the decision to opt for business management. When trying to decide where he wishes to carry forward his dreams, he settled on the reputable Lebanese International University.

Atef learned a great deal from his time at university. With those skills, he was able to start working with a reputable global consultancy, Atkins, and spent over 4 years with them. Since then, Atef moved on to bigger opportunities with even better firms. ‘Roshn’ is a Saudi Arabia based real estate firm that has been responsible for the creation of many Saudi neighborhoods. Atef is currently serving as the Senior HR Officer and is having the time of his life. He does not shy away from sharing his achievements on his Instagram and wishes to let others know so that he can inspire his followers.

Atef is well known for his sense of humor and has been making sure to share this with his friends, families, and fans, especially since the start of the pandemic. He has been able to rake in over 116 followers on Instagram currently and is growing each day. He also uses Snapchat where he is quite popular and occasionally, he likes to use YouTube and Twitter too. Atef is offering his fans exactly what they want, and they thoroughly enjoy the interaction with him.

Memes are the center of attention for Atef’s Instagram. His jokes vary from simple jokes about the progression of 2020 to adult-based humor. People tend to keep coming back to his page as they enjoy his selection of memes that he likes to share almost daily. Fans can relate to his content which shows them that these minor inconveniences or thoughts are shared among people from all over the world. Atef is extremely proud of his sense of humor as he is not only appreciated for it online, but his friends also applaud him for being the funny one of the group.

Besides his witty sense of humor, Atef is also able to share his deep thoughts with his Instagram community. He has told them about his struggles when dealing with others and how he has been hurt by people not making time for him. Atef has also shared words of encouragement which pushes his fans to be the best version of themselves. He has also made sure to share some of his most recent achievements such as the senior HR officer at Roshn.

Atef is certainly working on bettering his niche and is respected in the community of meme pages. He is on his way to becoming a top competitor in the field and he will not stop until he gets what he wants. Atef’s determination will send him far with his social media career.

Jennifer Gilson (@jengilsonaz)

Jennifer Gilson is a hardworking vet who has a keen interest in horses, traveling and spending time with her family. She is someone who tries her best to always look at the positives in life and encourages others to do the same. Jennifer has a big heart and loves to do what she can to help animals be at their best health and she is intrigued by them.

Jennifer has always been the type to care for others around her. This started early in childhood for her as she loved letting her family and peers know that they could always count on her whenever things went bad. Jennifer always offered people good advice which led them back to her in their time of need. Her friends knew her as the mature one who had her priorities straight and goals set. Jennifer knew herself to be an animal lover as she adored spending whatever moments she could with pets. This love for animals coupled with her ability to be so caring towards others led her to pursue a career as a vet.

Jennifer learned a great deal while training to become a vet. She has interacted with many different types of animals from domestic to exotic animals. She loved learning about their different personalities and how similar their behaviors are to humans. Jennifer quickly fell in love with her choice in her career and once she was well established enough, she decided to take it to the next level. 

Jennifer started her own vet business called Sonora Veterinary Specialists right in Arizona. The vet has several qualified individuals who always did their best to make sure to return pets to their owners in a state better than they came in. Jennifer spent a great deal of her time ensuring everything went smoothly and the business was successful. In its time of running, Jennifer gained plenty of experience from the business.

Jennifer eventually left the previous business to start another veterinary business called Pet Urgent Care. This offers similar services to the last one but is under even better management as Jennifer is using what she has learned from her previous experience and applying it to this. She thoroughly enjoys her time working with animals and is excited to go to work every single day.

Currently, Jennifer is growing her following and has been able to attract over 13.2k followers on Instagram. She is also active on other social media platforms where she shares her interests and day-to-day life with her followers – these social media platforms include YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Fans love how interactive Jennifer is and they enjoy seeing her content as they wonder where she will be next – with more dangerous animals or on vacation with her family.

Among many of the interests Jennifer has, she has a passion for horses and racing. Jennifer is the proud owner of Desert Jewel Gypsy horses which is a special type of horse for racing or breeding. She is happy to share this interest with her followers and has uploaded a couple of videos of her horses on her YouTube channel as well as Instagram. She shares this love for horse riding with her family as it makes for a bonding experience.  

Jennifer’s Instagram also constitutes many of her other interests. As mentioned earlier, she is fond of giving out words of encouragement and has managed to include empowering quotes to her Instagram profile. Besides this, she loves to spend time and travel with her family and has photos from different holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. She is also a huge sports fan and loves to watch American football and hockey.

Jennifer is certainly on the path to see great success. She is extremely hardworking and dedicates her days not only to her career but to her family. Her fans enjoy seeing and learning how she manages everything in a tight schedule and is so relatable. Jennifer is bound to go far on social media.

HY Osama (@1realhyosama)

Hy Osama, one of a young and grooming artist, is an emerging rapper musician who is all set to become a well-known artist in the music industry of The United States of America. He belongs to the city of Atlanta, Georgia, United States and has entered the glamorous world of the music industry since a couple of years so far. Being an upcoming and emerging artist, Osama is quite hardworking and believes in his art which is why he has successfully got significant attention from the music industry particularly in New York City. He has started his career in the music industry with a passion for creating impressive and rocking music content for the Hip Hop and rapper lovers.

The young and talented Hy Osama launched his very first music video with a title “Shut It Down” earlier this year. Hy Osama’s first music video was featured in “This is 50” which is a quite famous and trending entertainment and Hip Hop blogging website that is included amongst one of the top blogging websites in The United States of America. Getting his first video featured in one of the top blogging websites was a highly considerable achievement for Hy Osama but it was just a sparkling start of his stunning career. In just no time Hy Osama’s first-ever music video “Shut It Down” was streamed on a renowned American free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform “The I Heart Radio” that is owned by the I Heart Media Network (The largest radio broadcaster platform in The United States of America).

Soon after getting his video featured and streamed in the famous blogging website and the largest radio network, Hy Osama’s fan following grew rapidly and astoundingly. Being an unsigned artist back then Hy Osama continued to launch a number of music videos back to back after “Shut it Down”. Hy Osama’s music videos other than Shut It Down includes “Found A Way”, “Gangstas Cry”, “Wipe Yo Nose”, “Flyy Lifestyle” and many other hip hop songs. Each of Osama’s songs became famous amongst youngsters of New York City and the number of views on each of Hy Osama’s music videos touched the count of around 50,000 viewers.

Hy Osama is also known as “The Goat” has recently been working as a recording artist with many other artists. His main interest in the music categories is Hip Hop. Hip Hop is one of the favourite music categories in The United States. A huge number of youngsters have tried their luck in creating music content under the Hip Hop category. Hy Osama’s creativity as well as his thorough understanding and professional approach towards music have helped him to create impressive content in a considerably minimum time.

Osama’s music influences include many famous rapper singers and songwriters whom he is greatly inspired by. These inspirational influences include some of the big and famous names such as Pop Smoke, Lil Keed, Juice World, G Herbo and NBA Young Boy. Hy Osama professionally known as The Goat is considered as one of the newest and emerging singers and a songwriter in The United States of America. Osama is a music freak and his passion for music has actually helped him a lot in creating such entertaining songs that are loved by his huge number of fans and followers in Queens. Hy Osama is now counted amongst one of the hottest trap artists in New York City. With having thousands of followers on his YouTube channel, Hy Osama is marking his grounds in the music industry outside The United States as well. His fans and followers are no more restricted to the New York City only but with his presence on the social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Spotify, Hy Osama’s music content is spreading throughout the world quite rapidly.

Michael Clark @wildlandmike

Michael Clark, known famously as Wild Land Mike, is a famous social media personality who has risen to fame during the pandemic. He is a firefighter working in Hawaii who is a socialite and loves to interact with fans. He is young and adventurous and attracts fans from his informative videos and charming personality.

Throughout his childhood and teen life, Michael was known for being extremely compassionate and caring; whenever Michael’s friends needed him, he made sure to be there for them whenever he could. He liked letting people know that he was always there for them and he loved the feeling whenever his peers turned to him for help or to seek advice. Even among his family, he has always been known as being the loving kind.

Given that Michael goes out of his way to help those in need, he decided that he wished to pursue a career with the same foundation. After thinking over the options available to him, he eventually settled on becoming a firefighter. This quickly became a passion of Michaels. He now wakes up every day eager to help those out who need it and to be there for people when things seem to be going wrong.

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, Michael and his firefighter crew have been using some of their relatively free time to dabble into other methods in helping the public. Michael has always understood the importance of the internet and encourages others to be safe with the information they spread through social media as they can sometimes be false and meaningless. Michael knows the impact that misinformation can have on young people and works against it.

One day, when Michael was browsing the TikTok app, he came across a video that showed a conspiracy theory talking about the California wildfires saying that they ‘mysteriously’ stopped at the Canadian border. When Michael saw this, he was outraged by the lack of general knowledge among youngsters and instantly posted a video response saying that the wildfire map shown was from America and thus did not depict what was happening in Canada and he proceeded to request people to stop spreading false news. This video became viral overnight, people were so impressed by the firefighter. Since then, Michael has appeared in articles by CNN, Rolling Stones, Yahoo News, and more.

After this, Michael’s social media accounts began to grow. People loved how much information he was giving out to everyone and how responsive he was to fans. Besides the intelligence he possesses, he also has extremely good looks which were able to attract more fans. On his Instagram account, he has over 10k followers and on TikTok, he has an incredible number of 150k followers. He also has a wide twitter following, 24k, where celebrity Ryan Gosling has even followed him. Fans love Michael’s lively personality and informative posts.

Michael’s Instagram is extremely eye-catching and attracts more fans. Multiple videos depict the wild and adventurous side of Michael. Photos can be seen from Michael’s trips when he went boating with a beautiful scenic background shot. Another photo shows Michael when he went scuba diving and has been edited to display vibrant colors in the ocean. Additionally, Michael enjoys posting pictures of the ocean and the sky, particularly at the time of the sunset which is what captures best on camera. There are other photos which show his skiing trip. Fans enjoy being able to see a glimpse into his life and being able to interact with him about his adventures.

Michael is certainly working hard day and night to not only do his best to serve those around him, but also to be a responsible citizen and pass on true information to youngsters. He continues to rise to fame through his interesting videos whether they be about fire and fight fighters or simple comedic content. Michael is certainly on the path to great success in the future and is thoroughly enjoying his life.

Alphonzo Overstreet (@aoverstreet_)

Sports and athletics exist to make sure individuals learn management and sportsmanship, but for students, this can be an even more difficult task. If there is anything we know about athletes, it’s that they possess more discipline and determination than most people. Having a fixed schedule and knowing how to manage their time well on top of always making sure they are managing their diet well is not for the weak-hearted. Maintaining peak fitness is not as easy a task as athletes make it seem, but these examples exist to drive us and motivate us to become the best version of ourselves.

Alphonzo Overstreet is one such example. Being just 19 years of age, he has already added numerous impressive notches to his belt in his athletics career as a sprinter. Currently, Alphonzo is a student at the University of South Carolina after graduating from Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Running track for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) which is a college-level athletic conference in America, we already know Alphonzo is reaching higher and higher. Notably, he is the holder of four Woodward Academy records, so it is safe to assume that he kickstarted his Track career fairly early on.

Coming in at an impressive six feet and one inch and a weight of 170 lbs, Alphonzo Overstreet’s records in his years of sprinting so far are nothing to scoff at. Considering his physique, it is no surprise that his primary position is in the 400m sprint. With an existing record of 48.83 seconds in the 400m and 22.8 seconds in the 200m, Alphonzo only has room to grow and improve his already amazing records. With his first season in Columbia this year, he took part in six events for the Gamecocks in record times, in fact just thinking about sprinting for over 1600m is knocking the wind out of us!

Alphonzo’s stunning career so far is a testament to his talent, but it is not surprising that talent, passion, and dedication runs in his blood. Alphonzo’s father, Dr. Overstreet, is a renowned OBGYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) with over 39 years of experience. Practicing in Southwest Atlanta, even Alphonzo’s father has an immensely successful career in his own field of women’s health care. His family has appeared many times on shows such as “Married to Medicine” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

It is safe to say that Alphonzo, who goes by “Zo” on his various social media accounts, will most likely follow in his fathers’ footsteps of becoming renowned and famous in his own field. There is no doubt that he possesses the zeal and determination to excel in Track, so if in a few years’ time you hear his name called out amongst the likes of Usain Bolt, do not be surprised! We know we won’t be.

When you think of athletes, one of the first things that probably come to mind is how hectic their days are, so surely they look towards other outlets to relax or pass some time. Since he is an athlete himself, Alphonzo enjoys watching and keeping up with a multitude of other sports. Other than track and field, he is an avid fan of basketball and American football as well, with his Twitter account (@aoverstreet_) being flooded with news related to those sports. He is also very humble, which is evident with some of the tweets he has retweeted. To quote one, he retweeted Robert Griffin III’s tweet “Don’t forget God when you get what you prayed for”.

Other than sports, he also enjoys hip-hop music, rap in particular. Assuming he follows sports very closely, he is much more active on his Twitter account as compared to his Instagram (@aoverstreet_). Despite not posting much, he has almost six thousand followers which is quite an impressive feat.

Sprinting towards an even more successful future, we hope Alphonzo soars to success.

AD SATOUR (@ad_satour)


A successful person is one who believes in hard work and creates opportunities, not for himself but also for others. This article is about the man who pushed himself for his dream and by believing in himself he kept on climbing the ladder of success. Abdelahad SATOUR, a multitasking and young man at the age of 34, is an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a traveler as well. Satour, who started with zero and after non-stop working for two and half a year he achieved his dreams.

Today, the world is driven by advancements in technology, and nowadays we are being extensively fed by the information of technology. In terms of trade, defense, commerce, and culture information technology provides greater value.  It has fully grown with outstanding drive and acquired a noble rank for itself and for all those professionals that are linked with it.

Satour, an information technology expert with almost 30 certifications in the field of IT such as TOGAF, Spring, Java EE, PHP, JPA, EJB, XML, HTML5, ISO 27002/20000, Scrum, and many others. We can easily say that he is a master in the field of information technology as for all information technology-related occupations technical and professional certifications are growing.

At this young age, he is the owner of 4 companies which two of which are startups and the other two are digital service companies. Bytelance and adservio are the two of them.

As we said, Satour is a multi-tasking person and there is no full stop to his talents as he is also CEO/CTO and Solutions Architect. Entrepreneurs not just open ways for themselves but also they make ways for others and help others to achieve their dreams as well. Satour is working with different team sizes and managing over 30 projects and 20 consulting missions. Not only this, but he is also working on 80+ technical courses and 12 seminars. He is a person working on different platforms and embarking on his journey toward success. Satour not only masters in his work but has also learned four languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, and French.

Abdelahad SATOUR owns a website https://www.ad-satour.com/, and adds all of his life updates regarding information technology, traveling, and wellbeing on his website. All the information regarding books, certifications, and different mock exams of information technology can find out on his website, and new professionals can get all the recent updates from there. This website is not only in one language, as he is a versatile man owning different talents his website can also be assessed in four languages.

Abdelahad introduces himself as an amateur blogger on his site. All the blogs related to his work in information technology and also his travels around the world can be found on his site easily and one surely enjoys reading his personal experiences.

Being an Entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and popular things to do. Though starting and maintaining your own business isn’t easy. You have to maintain your business and work with your personal life as well. Abdelahad truly is a spirit to live his life at his best, enjoying his passion, traveling as well. Traveling plays an important part in making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It surely brings positive changes to the traveler’s life and gives a vibe of being alive and active. Practical experience of things is increased by traveling, on the same thought Abdelahad traveling experience shows that he is fond of traveling and gaining experience of different cultures. Whether it’s Asia, France, Africa, or Europe he has followed his heart everywhere.

Besides traveling, reading books is the other best hobby of Satour. He satisfies his intellectual curiosity through these books. He reads and listens to books of different themes related to history, religious debates, ecological transition, inner peace, disciplines of energy, and Naturopathy.

Abdelahad is active on all of his social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the name ad_satour, as well he also runs a YouTube channel sharing his traveling vlogs. You can follow him on all social sites to have an insight into his career and his traveling passion. To read some of his inspiring stories and articles on medium you can visit https://satour.medium.com.

Martha (@marthab_official)

From the world of glamour and modelling, we see many attractive and beautiful faces every now and then. But there are only a few of the models that are lucky enough to achieve the fame and recognition in an extremely competitive and rapidly growing environment of the modelling industry.

Martha is one amongst those lucky models who have become successfully famous in the glamorous modelling industry and have achieved what she has ever dreamt of. Martha’s fine body curves and the flawless figure is as much appealing and striking as her attractive facial features. Martha does not only possess a wonderful and sexy body but her approach towards maintaining and grooming her fitness is exceptional. She is one of the hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic models who have started to mark her grounds in the field of modelling. With her sexy, vivacious and playful gestures and nods, Martha seems to be a perfect fit for the modelling world particularly nowadays when people are more interesting and praising a model having an appealing physical appearance and an impressive sense of styling.

Martha’s sense of styling and dressing up is equally gorgeous and eye-catching. She chooses the most flawless and picture-perfect lingerie and swimsuits to flaunt her erotic, sensual and beautiful physique. She has added a spark in her beautiful looking body by wearing extremely outlandish outfits in each of her appearances. Every picture from her sexy and sensual lingerie shoots define the extravagant and flawless body that Martha owns. Apart from her professional photoshoots, Martha’s personal Instagram account witness the erotic and appealing sense of style in her. She is often seen wearing the most recent and stylish designs of lingerie and swimsuits.

Being a professional model for years by now, Martha has an exceptionally professional understanding of her work. She is clear and transparent about her career goals. She has started to work as a model at the age of 17. She was supposedly too young yet vibrant and energetic to enter in the field of modelling. Steadily, Martha achieved considerable recognition in modelling and started to work as a professional swimwear and lingerie model. Her journey has not been a milky way but she has seen many ups and downs during her struggling phase yet any hurdle never pulled down Martha’s spirit and dedication. Martha appeared to be even stronger with every hurdle that ever came in her way. Martha’s bold, beautiful and sexy looks are the reflection of her strong personality. The personality which she is possessing right now has been attained after successfully striking each and every obstacle that she has ever faced since the very start of her struggling phase.

Martha has turned out as a well-known model after a struggle and hard work of more than a decade by now. At this time when Martha has just turned 33, she has been recognized by a number of renowned brands in the fashion and modelling industry. She has been featured in FHM (For Him Magazine) this year which is a British based multinational magazine that is not only published in Britain but several other countries as well. The FHM magazine features models, TV actresses, reality stars and singer in the list of 100 Sexiest Women in the world that is published in the special edition. One of the greatest achievements of Martha’s career is that she has been featured in FHM as well as another renowned American magazine Playboy (Playboy is an American magazine for men’s lifestyle and entertainment).

The biggest achievement of Martha in the year 2020 is to get featured by two of the most famous and renowned magazines all around the world.

Apart from being a professional model, Martha also participates in some of the social works as well. Martha is one of the biggest supporters of domestic violence awareness for women. She believes that staying quite after experiencing domestic violence is the biggest mistake a woman does.