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In today’s era, many young entrepreneurs are coming forth with creative and unique approaches, putting their hard-earned creations before the eyes of the world. Their ideas are way more diverse than the ideas that used to arrive before. The reason for the big transformation of the growth of minds is the dynamic era. Today’s youth looks ahead to create something which is time-friendly as well as compatible to use for the multiple age groups.  The demand for such creative individuals is on a rise in the industry and these clever minds are paid good enough for the skills they showcase. 

One such, extremely talented, young personality is known to the world by the name Atilla Deniz. Atilla being the new face of the ever-changing era is professionally a videographer, computer scientist, and entrepreneur. He is currently the owner of three companies, each doing well in their fields. One of the companies out of three which goes by the name “Atilla Deniz” has a very interesting story behind its formation. 

As a young kid, Atilla was always fascinated by the art that could be fashioned by a camera. Luckily, one birthday he received a camera as a gift and that’s when he began carrying out experiments with it. Initially, he commenced with capturing the beauty of nature and the landscapes that came along with it until one day a neighbor asked him for a photo to be framed on one of his walls. The small gesture of appreciation towards Atilla embarked on the passion inside him and he decided to take this passion forward into his career. Atilla Denis is the founder and the videographer behind this company by his very name “Atilla Deniz” that deals with creating all sorts of videos ranging from promotion videos for restaurants to videos on a bigger scale such as the music videos. What separates this company from the rest is the dedication Atilla has put into each procedure that takes place for a masterpiece to be created. From planning the timings of the shoot under the weather forecast to taking into account the needs of the clients and understanding their true emotions, this company has gained a lot of respect from clients. 

As a young guy, Atilla didn’t limit himself to one occupation as most people his age do. With the use of his great entrepreneurial skills, Atilla alongside three others created an application by the name “sayblake”. This application is based on a new and smart way to manage horses that make mess resulting is causing red tape. Atilla serves as the head of design and worked his designer skills on this application to make it compatible for the users. However, despite all the work Atilla does as mentioned above, there is a lot more Atilla is invested in. He works for the product development in StackWorks, a cloud service provider, along with two others, and together they serve as the licensed sales partners for Google Cloud.  Collectively these three offer support and training programs for companies and schools to work on their goal that is to achieve a cost-effective, flexible cloud solution for the users.  Being an essential member of this program, for Atilla, it is really important to get the correct concept while merging up technology and design.

Atilla, today is a renowned videographer and an entrepreneur with an inventive mindset. He has made it into news quite many times. For being super creative, he was mentioned in an article where he was being appreciated for redesigning a web page in a time as less as 20 minutes. He receives a lot of appreciation from around the globe for his unbeatable skills whether it is designing for software or working for a video. His most appreciable quality is that he enters a task with full enthusiasm and completes it creating magic, leaving good impacts on the audiences. One should take inspiration from Atilla to witness their small dreams turning into a big reality.

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