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Atef Emad Atef Yaseen is a professional with a sense of humor. He has a blossoming career and has been in the business management world since his time at university. He now works in a reputable Real Estate agency and has been able to establish himself in that line of work. When he is not working, he enjoys sharing memes with his many followers to share a laugh with them.

When Atef was a young boy, people have enjoyed interacting with him as he was always able to offer the best advice and was eager to help everyone out. Whenever Atef would enter the room, it would immediately brighten up as he would fill the room with laughter; there was never a dull moment with Atef in the room. When the time came for him to decide what he wishes to do in the future, he was sure of wanting to use his communication skills.

In addition to being someone great to talk to, Atef also possessed a decent business mentality from a young age. He and his family were sure that he would progress in this field and so for university, Atef made the decision to opt for business management. When trying to decide where he wishes to carry forward his dreams, he settled on the reputable Lebanese International University.

Atef learned a great deal from his time at university. With those skills, he was able to start working with a reputable global consultancy, Atkins, and spent over 4 years with them. Since then, Atef moved on to bigger opportunities with even better firms. ‘Roshn’ is a Saudi Arabia based real estate firm that has been responsible for the creation of many Saudi neighborhoods. Atef is currently serving as the Senior HR Officer and is having the time of his life. He does not shy away from sharing his achievements on his Instagram and wishes to let others know so that he can inspire his followers.

Atef is well known for his sense of humor and has been making sure to share this with his friends, families, and fans, especially since the start of the pandemic. He has been able to rake in over 116 followers on Instagram currently and is growing each day. He also uses Snapchat where he is quite popular and occasionally, he likes to use YouTube and Twitter too. Atef is offering his fans exactly what they want, and they thoroughly enjoy the interaction with him.

Memes are the center of attention for Atef’s Instagram. His jokes vary from simple jokes about the progression of 2020 to adult-based humor. People tend to keep coming back to his page as they enjoy his selection of memes that he likes to share almost daily. Fans can relate to his content which shows them that these minor inconveniences or thoughts are shared among people from all over the world. Atef is extremely proud of his sense of humor as he is not only appreciated for it online, but his friends also applaud him for being the funny one of the group.

Besides his witty sense of humor, Atef is also able to share his deep thoughts with his Instagram community. He has told them about his struggles when dealing with others and how he has been hurt by people not making time for him. Atef has also shared words of encouragement which pushes his fans to be the best version of themselves. He has also made sure to share some of his most recent achievements such as the senior HR officer at Roshn.

Atef is certainly working on bettering his niche and is respected in the community of meme pages. He is on his way to becoming a top competitor in the field and he will not stop until he gets what he wants. Atef’s determination will send him far with his social media career.

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