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Bob Marley, the most notable Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician, once said, “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Music is universally known as a medicine that one needs to feel better. No matter what one has been through, music can mend their broken heart. This is the reason why people choose music as their career path. It helped them during their most vulnerable time, and now they want to use it to help others. Thus, they dedicate their whole body and soul to serve this cause. One such individual who chooses to do the same is Ashlyn Kapriella McIntyre, a twenty-one-years-old singer, and songwriter.

Ashlyn grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. She was eight when her parents decided to move to Texas with the hope to lead a better life, but all of their dreams shattered as soon as they arrived there. Sadly, it was just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events that lay ahead of Ashlyn. The biggest one of them all being her parents getting a divorce when she was just ten-years-old. The news of separation took a cumbersome toll on her mental health. This resulted in her getting held back in 4th grade because she wasn’t able to pay attention anywhere anymore. Despite it all, whenever Ashlyn felt that the world was too much for her heart to bear, she would put her headphone on and let the music embrace her till she felt better.

Ever since Ashlyn remembers, she has been fascinated by music, singing, and instruments. Listening to music always healed her heart, and when she turned twelve, she started singing as a remedy. It all began in Middle School when everyone, including her so-called friends, severely bullied her. Being a firm believer of, “life falls apart so that good thing can fall together”, Ashlyn never lost hope no matter what life threw at her. Rather than crying about what she was going through, she would let it all out by writing and singing songs about her feelings. While doing so, she felt as if she lifted a massive weight from her heart, resulting in her deciding to pursue music as her career.

 “Love is” was the first song that twelve-year-old Ashlyn created. Since then, to practice getting her vocals together, she would record her voice and search up beats to go along with it. It was through her relentless determination and assiduous hard work that, at the age of eighteen, Ashlyn released her first single called “Feels so good” on YouTube. Within days, her video got almost 1000 views. After all of the struggles she faced, these little achievements made her realize that only she was the author of her story. Even if one chapter ended badly, she could turn the page and lead it to a happy ending.

This year Ashlyn has already released 2 EPS “Roses & You” Pt. 1 & “Roses & You” Pt. 2 and is currently working on her album called “Seventeen,” which will be released soon. Along with her making music, she has been diligently studying, majoring in communication studies from the renowned University of Maryland. Besides music, Ashlyn also loves traveling, spending time with her family, swimming, going to the movies, exercising, & shopping. This year, she will also celebrate her first anniversary with her boyfriend, JJ Gaines, whom she met through a dating app called “Hily.” After years of hardships, she finally feels content with her life.

There are many memories Ashlyn is thankful for, but some act as the cherry on the top more than others. One of them being when she got accepted to attend National American Miss, a pageant contest, in 2011. This memory has a special place in her heart because it was the first time she felt appreciated – an emotion we all want to feel. Another one that holds colossal significance is when she played the piano and sang her song, “Love is,” for the first time. It is so dear to her because singing brought her peace and happiness during the most vulnerable and weakest time of her life.

“Life truly is a test; just do what you love and make the most out of it!” This has been Ashlyn’s quote to live by day and night. She had a spark for music inside her, and indubitably, she made a fire out of it rather than letting it burn her.  Since a young age, all odds were stacked against her, but she conquered them all by refusing to allow any doubts, conflict, and failure to faze her. Instead, she carved out a flowery path for herself from the thorns thrown at her. Ashlyn’s story is an inspiration to all.

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