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Aryaman is a young boy from India who has mastered the art of magic! He was awarded ‘Asia’s Youngest Magician’ in the year of 2019! The very art that intrigues people into it just from the get-go! Magic is known to be looking fairly simple but requires loads of practice, precision, and much more attention and fluency in actions. An art form that is not fit for all and is equally not everyone’s piece of cake, but for Aryaman, it has become an active way of showing off his skills and creativity. He has garnered the attention of millions of people and even from his nation’s most important people.  


Aryaman is a professional magician who has won the prestigious ‘Nation Child Award’ ( ‘Pradhan Mantri Bal Shakti Puruskar 2019′) from the President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind. He received the award in the category of ‘arts and culture’ under the umbrella of Magic. In 2019, a much-celebrated year for Aryaman, he shined as a magician, being recognized by some really prominent people in the country. He met the governor of West Bengal and received appreciation. He has also been a part of very honorable evenings, where he hosted the serving Governor of the West Bengal, towards the end of 2019. Aryaman, other than that he has been the recipient of several certificates further proving his competency in his art form and simultaneously, his active effort of improving and mastering magic and continuously receiving accolades and certificates to prove that to everyone!  

However, one might question where did Aryaman get the inspiration and the idea to learn magic as an art? The answer was told by Aryaman himself, telling about how when he was four years old, at a friend’s birthday party, being very young he got lured in by the idea of performing magic! He decided to pursue this art form with the help of his Grand Magician – Mr. Prabir Kumar Das, who helped him become a meticulous performer of the art of Magic! But one doesn’t become ‘Asia’s Youngest Magician’ (2019) just overnight with an idea, such a title is earned and gained with hard work and sacrifice. Aryaman managed his training of the art of magic alongside his full-time studies, he created a perfect balance between his responsibilities and his passion altogether and today he has emerged as one of the most highlighted young people in the field of performing Magic! This incredible story of Aryaman really gives all the idea of how managing what you love and what you are ought to do is a whole world of facing and practicing early professionalism in your life. And most importantly how one needs to be able to chase after their passion and become successful in it by showing not only interest but also breaking a sweat for it! Aryaman truly sets an example in this manner! 

A fun fact about Aryaman that we got to know by doing some digging through his social media account is that he has his name plastered over 36 newspapers! Talking about his achievements and his passion for the art of Magic. If this isn’t enough other than being an ace at magic, he also is an advocate of a healthy and fit lifestyle and that’s also not just talking but practicing and being perfect at it! To see more of it you should head to his Instagram account where he posts about his achievements, interests, lifestyle, and his multiple experiences around the globe! (The Instagram handle of Aryaman is at the top of the article, so search and hit likes all the way!). 

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