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Aquaplanet is one of the leading businesses that deal with water sports intending to make the wildest adventures on water possible for everyone at affordable and feasible prices. They make sure that the price does not compromise on the quality of their products and that all of their boards are made to the highest standards, built to last for a very, very long time. They achieve this by using the most rugged materials available in the market for all of their products. Aquaplanet does not just limit themselves to just selling their products and calling it a day but they firmly believe in the power of creating a community of people sharing the same passion for going on adventures in the water.

Since its start just three years ago in 2017, Aquaplanet has made sure that they make their costumers feel a part of the community and they have succeeded in doing so as through being a supplier for paddleboards, boards and similar products. It has been a mission of Aquaplanet by its founder that they, as a business, want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy paddling and bring the sport to the masses rather than keeping it exclusionary to a certain group of people. it’s been three years since then and Aquaplanet the top-selling SUP on Amazon and have their very own band of loyal followers and community who trust their products and customer service both. 


Between Aquaplanet’s start in 2017, three years ago to now, they have grown so much that they now sell more than twenty thousand paddleboards every year. Aquaplanet sells three categories of products: inflatable paddle boards, which they are best known for, paddleboard accessories, and paddleboard clothing. Under the inflatable paddle boards, they sell the whole SUP package which includes the entire kit required for paddling so that the customers do not need to buy all the products separately. They also sell almost all their paddleboards in different sizes and colours. For the paddleboard accessories, Auqaplanet has identified the accessories added to the paddleboard kit that customers usually require. These include waterproof phone cases, buoyancy aid, compact electric paddleboard pumps, kayak seats, fins, kayak paddles, high power electric paddleboard pump, adjustable paddle, microfibre SUP towel, deluxe leash, dual-action pump and rucksack amongst other things. It is through Aquaplanet recognising so many things that are usually needed while paddling that makes them so unique to a lot of other such businesses in the industry. 

Aquaplanet also runs a weekly blog titled ‘The Aquaplanet Blog’ where they cover all things related to SUP. The blog is for all people who are interesting in paddling, it does not matter if the person looking is a beginner looking to start or an expert on the water. Aquaplanet makes sure to include very helpful hints and tips so that once people are at the water, they are safe, enjoying and can get the most out of both, the water and the paddleboard.

In their blog, Aquaplanet also recently covered important news regarding paddling in the current times due to the coronavirus global pandemic to keep their community aware. They advised a cautious return to paddle where people are supposed to stay safe and make sure to tell people that they are going and what time they are coming back if they are going paddling solo so that it reduces the chances of getting lost. 

Aquaplanet also regularly searched for on the internet in their area of business and also make frequent appearances on the news regularly. Aquaplanet is also expected to appear on the UK prime time television this September. Things just seem to be looking up for Aquaplanet. One can follow Aquaplanet on their Instagram page at the handle @aquaplanetsup or visit them on their website at to know more about them or paddling in general. 

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