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Art has always been an integral part of human history with its existence dating back to thirty-six thousand years ago when the first human decided to express themselves on the walls of caves and in closed spaces. Images of mammoths, lions, rhinos, horses, and bison (to name a few) helped humans understand and comprehend the history of the past era. After the introduction of philosophy, art was given much more importance, with an entire branch called ‘aesthetics’ being dedicated to it. Art is something that helps simplifies the expression of emotions and feelings. With various interpretations attached to one piece, it can be considered a medium that allows freedom of speech through comprehension.

Anne Freeman is a very creative and ingenious individual who uses her originality to create her artwork. Her aesthetic is making ‘joyful, childlike, and whimsy’ characters, with an abundance of colors that almost immediately attract the viewers. She was born in the mountains of California and then later moved to Monterey, living near the sea where she grew up and experienced a lot of adventures. As evident through her work, she has been greatly inspired by the beauty and charm of her surroundings and integrates them in her art. With designs of animals, rainbows, and the sea, we can say she has been deeply inspired by the ambiance of her habitats. 

Anne started drawing draw at the age of 41 while randomly experimenting with her skills, she quotes that finding out her talent was a ‘happy accident’ – something she enjoyed doing but did not know she had the potential to, until a very long time. Despite finding out about herself at a very late stage, Anne did not give up and worked hard to get where she is today. She defied societal stereotypes for women and made a very successful career out of herself. What started as simple doodling was now her passion and a source of livelihood. Anne is now a self-taught painter and illustrator who is actively achieving her dreams one step at a time. 

Freeman’s talent has garnered a lot of attention and opportunities for the accomplished artist. The uniqueness of her art style has helped her grab contracts with Urban Outfitters and Converse, where she lends her creativity and originality to produce one of a kind products. Moreover, she is also working as a co-creator in the very well known skateboard company called ‘Huf’ – a business responsible for making and designing skateboards all the while being socially responsible. This work helps Anne’s creativity flow and acts as a source of artistic freedom for her.

Alongside her busy schedule, Anne is a highly empathetic and compassionate woman who promotes positivity any chance she gets. Recently she has launched a scholarship program focused on BIPOC (black indigenous and people of color) individuals. Being an artist herself she realizes how expensive art material is, and hence is using her privilege to help the oppressed people amongst the community to give them a chance to follow their dreams. One winner will be chosen by a panel of experienced BIPOC artists and will receive a $2500 art supply scholarship. The money will be raised through the sales of her artwork.


With a unique drawing style, she has attracted quite a strong fanbase, with her Instagram ( having around sixteen thousand followers who she actively engages with and provides constant material to keep them updated with. Her art is greatly appreciated by her fans with an approximate of eleven thousand likes in total. Her massive following helps keep her motivated and driven to always put the best out for her audiences to see. Aside from a social media account she also has her very own website ( where one can view all her artistic creations almost like a virtual exhibition of her work. It is a very user-friendly space where people can easily navigate their way through and enjoy the experience.  

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