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While the world continues the norm of settling a career as engineers, politicians, oncologists, nutritionists and business tycoons, Dr. Andy Baldwin has diverse ambitions. Dr. Andy Andrew Baldwin is a therapist and has earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix Arizona, USA and has completed his Master’s degree in Psychology from Walden University Minnesota. Moreover, Dr. Andy did his Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in Educational Psychology. He provides counseling (6-8 sessions) and psychotherapy sessions which often last for months. Dr.Andy states that for certain cases, intervention is a key element to help the patient redeem themselves and get rid of their depression, anxiety etc. Hence when it comes to intervention, Dr.Andy provides CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), REBT (Rational emotive behavioral therapy), and Gestalts approach. 

It is interesting to know the reason why he chose to specialize in Educational Psychology. 

Dr. Andy states that having a specialization in Educational Psychology and being a school administrator, he feels that there is a liaison between the two which help him to understand students better. Dr.Andy states that it is vital to provide support to children and teenagers and let them talk about their feelings openly to rid any mental issues or so on because many youngsters may have personal issues including a divorce between parents, bullying or a sudden death of a loved one. Dr.Andy says that helping students with their mental issues and creating awareness about it improves their academic progress drastically as it boosts focus and attention. Hence, he is quite right. Some families may not be comfortable in discussing mental health at home with their children. Family members especially minors, may feel hopeless without any guidance or counselling. Additionally, it affects their academic or intellectual life, creating barriers between them and their goals that must be achieved. However, seeing Dr.Andy’s spirit towards this subject makes it certain that the youngsters have hope. 

Moreover, he provides guidance to parents who may be doubtful that their child suffers from any learning difficulties, autism, ADHD and any other mental ailments or disorders. A certain mental illness would require a lot more effort than the family of the patient may assume. Often times, families are not able to provide aid and counselling to a family member who may be going through depression, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder etc. All it requires is counselling from a certified professional and therefore, Dr.Andy has a twelve year experience in the Educational and Counselling field. Seeing Dr.Andy’s dedication towards his field, we are certain that his counselling makes a difference in all his patients. 

Though Dr.Andy may formulate a different action plan for different cases, depending on the illness, he always has one main goal to achieve; he must bring out the best in people and help them battle the pessimism that wanders their thoughts every now and then. A person with anger issues will be treated with a diverse action plan than a person who may be extremely narcissistic. Nonetheless, they all must have the same outcome; peace of mind and a sense of freedom from their mental illness which has kept them captive all this time. Dr.Andy dedicates his time and life towards the betterment of society by treating mental illnesses and help people become the best versions of themselves. Dr.Andy understands the impact mental illnesses may have on a person’s life and knowing that he is able to transform someone’s life for the good is what derives him every day towards his profession. 

Dr.Andy says that helping people and supporting them to battle out the impurities in life is what gives him a sense of purpose in life. To see the improvement in a patient through counselling is what motivates him. As mentioned before and just as a soft reminder, Dr.Andy specifically deals with children (certified as a child psychologist) and adults to provide intervention which includes many methods towards bettering therapy. 

Besides being in his clinic, he runs an Instagram page where he frequently posts short and brief details about a certain mental illnesses such as narcissism, anger issues etc. and how to deal with them. We believe this an honest approach to work as he is providing aid to people online. Thus as we all know, the world has become a global village on the internet and to create awareness about the importance of mental health online is a major kudos. Nevertheless, kudos to Dr.Andy for being a role model to us all. His dedication towards his career and willingness to make the world a better place is truly inspiring. We wish him a good luck for his future endeavors! 

You can find Dr.Andy Andrew Baldwin on his Instagram page: “@ _drandybaldwin_”

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