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Andrej Kalezic was born and raised in Europe. While growing up, he has always been passionate about vehicles and car models. He likes to admire their sleek designs, and the genius it takes behind building them. Andrej revels in the glory of engineering and the elegance on which the classic car models built.  He is known as the car collector because of beautiful, rare models of car collection in his possession. Collecting is a human pastime that is passed down to us by our ancestors, who collected and reserved supplies to survive.  In today’s modern world, big corporation companies like Walmart and Amazon have rendered this kind of collection obsolete; yet, the inherited instinct persists. Consequently, our contemporary world filled with collector communities, trading things they are deeply passionate about- be it stamps, old culinary, purebred horses, or classic cars.

Previously, anyone with a passion for collecting cars was considered rich. And, it makes sense why one would deduce that. But in the modern world, the business of the classic car market is changing. The new generation of the 21st century is developing a taste for all the retro things. One of the young people in the contemporary world who feels strongly about this classic car market is Andrej. He collects cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s like  MW, Alpine, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Porsche, Mercedes Brabus, Audi, Abart, and others. These “new classics” are unique and great cars that still goad that nostalgic urge quintessential to collecting in young people interested in the classic car market.

Andrej’s ardor for cars has led him to become the CEO of on the most fore-running companies in the car-selling market called Kaleinc Cars. The business is so successful that it has flourished in so many different areas of Europe including, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Slovenia. Kalezic Cars aims to provide easy and luxurious service to its clients and offer them as many brilliant cars as possible. Clients with high expectations, looking for something unique, and great in quality often approach Kalezic cars to satisfy their eagerness to possess something rare. Kalezic Cars are popular amongst potential clients because it has gone through a variety of experiences and is equipped with the knowledge to help people in making the right decision when choosing the car that would suit their lifestyle. They own a robust selection of most sought after cars and a wide range of car service to attract the customers.

Andrej’s enthusiasm for cars is recognized in the car community. He has the honors of being the brand ambassador of Ferrari as he is the youngest owner in Europe. Ferrari is one of the most luxurious sports cars manufactured in Maranello, Italy. The first car was built in 1940 and is considered a symbol of a lavish life. He is also an ambassador for Premium Visa, and a two-times winner of Best Cane Corso kennel in Europe.  Andrej’s splendid lifestyle choice has made him very popular amongst rockstars and hot-shot actors. He featured in many domestic films and music videos alongside several famous actors and singers like Andrija Milošević, Mia Borisavljevic, Ana Nikolić, Anabela, and Boban Rajović. Andrej has a great choice in things that suit his lifestyle exhibited by the fact that he was considered apt for appearing in fashion shows representing big and well-known Italian designer brands- Pal Zileri and Hugo Boss. 

Andrej’s success in his career at such a young age is remarkable. His passion has driven him to achieve greatness. He gives lectures on the forums, where people are looking to be inspired in the field of entrepreneurship, upon invitation. Soon Andrej will also appear in a book discussing his business success. He has a vision that he has set his mind to and wants to continue collecting rare cars to add to his collection one by one. If anyone wants to look him up, his link is (

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