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There are many interesting and unconventional career paths in the world today, which are not only a breath of fresh air compared to the generic, tried-and-tested professions that lack the feeling of being rewarding in nature, but their inherent unpredictability makes it almost certain that the one who chooses this path would never be bored by it. Among these creative career choices, one, in particular, is extremely noteworthy; the amazingly fascinating world of motorsport.


Ana Geelen Hernandez is a multi-lingual woman in her twenties, currently residing in England, having a double degree in mechanical engineering with industrial product design. However, what is truly astounding about this talented young woman is that she is also a race car driver dedicated to the world of motorsport, hoping to establish her brand of cars someday in the foreseeable future.

For those expressing an interest, motorsport is an all-encompassing, global term used to denote the group of competitive sporting events that involve the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competition. This field has long been dominated by the male gender, and therefore, seeing a female making strides with her natural talent as a racecar driver is nothing short of brilliant.

With her utterly unique and colorful personality, Ana strives to set an example for other women who want to pursue unconventional careers but hesitate to do so since it is rare to see women prosper let alone pursue such interesting career paths. Ana has often been approached by women and men alike, through messages and in person, to ask for advice on how she developed an interest for motorsport or how they (especially women) can develop the courage to try out the same later on which is a huge sign of validation for Ana, as her advice and helpful coaching tips go a long way in building people’s interest for her profession.

Despite her ludicrous profession, Ana is still very much a normal young woman. This is one of the reasons why Ana strives to spread the word about her profession. That you don’t have to be tomboyish or thrill-seeking to be a woman who chooses motorsport as her career. You can be effeminate and chic, wear your driving gear, helmet and gloves throughout the day, and a fancy dress with heels at night, and still be yourself. The stigma that presents women as weaker and prevents them from trying out newer ventures is something Ana vows to eradicate.

Since more people have started to open up and reach out to Ana for her help and guidance, she has observed a surge in popularity on her social media, where more people are showing interest in wanting to turn their lives around just like her. Ana has continued to stay active, posting her daily proceedings regarding motorsport and her personal life to maintain a healthy balance of the duality of her lifestyle, and to drive home the fact that she too, like millions of people around the world is a normal young woman with big dreams and aspirations that she is currently in the process of realizing. For this purpose, Ana is currently on the quest for receiving verification for her social media accounts, ensuring transparency, and bringing her closer to her followers and bridging the gap that may arise as a result of social media exchanges.

Ana is an incredible source of inspiration for all women who wish to leave their mark in society and dare to dream bigger than they’ve been told to. With her unceasing list of growing talents, Ana wishes to tell the women all around the world that when you want to achieve something, you should try it out through all possible means.

To find out more information about this amazingly well-rounded, talented young woman, be sure to follow her on her Instagram account: @geelengeelengeelen.

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