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For some people, their elders decide their future for them. Similar to how in some societies, it is understood that children should only aspire to become doctors or engineers, and parents only focus on pushing their children into a corner to make them feel like that is the only possible option they have. Not only does this hamper their learning capabilities, but it keeps them from exploring their interests in other fields and subjects. It forces them to think in a certain way and force themself to devote the rest of their life to something they might not enjoy to the fullest.

Although not many are able to escape this pattern, fighting to be able to do what one wants to is a right that everyone has. It is a right that no one can contest and is on that Amir Joy used to be vocal about what he loved doing. Like many others, Amir’s future was all planned out for him by his parents, but he believed his happiness laid elsewhere and worked towards creating and walking on his desired path. Being behind his father’s cargo shipping company called Elbahlawan Shipping CO., was not something Amir saw himself doing. He felt it would take him in a direction completely different from what he wanted to pursue and would require little effort from himself. Rather than going into his father’s business, his heart was set on writing, or really, anything but business. A lot of his hobbies and interests from when he was a child had influenced his decisions and stopped Amir from seeing any potential in having a business career. 

Born in Constanta in Romania, Amir’s younger days did not see the internet as something accessible, rather a commodity that not everyone could have at their disposal. He found solace in playing outside and being active because he did not have many other options to pass time. His other activity was to read Sherlock Holmes novels. It was not long before he found himself falling deeper into the books he read and quickly became an avid Sherlock Holmes fan. Reading those pieces of writing inspired him to want to tell a story through his own writings, and that thought pushed his love for writing even more. 

All of his hobbies and interests manifested and made Amir the person he is today. His love for writing enabled him to a number of books that went on to get published and sell out. Books he has written are ‘The Adventures of the Four Seasons!’, ‘How I Lost 25Lbs in a Week’, ‘A Mere Vengeance’, and ‘I Tried, I Failed, But I Stayed Strong!’ Having his books sell out while being a self-publishing author was an enormous motivation and pat on the back for him being ambitious. Stepping away from a stable job to pursue what you want can be hard, but Amir took a leap of faith and was able to make his dreams come true.

Believing that since it is his own life, he can make his own rules, Amir did not limit himself to his writing career when he felt he had space for so much more. Since he was an active child, he loved boxing and decided that with training, he wanted to become a professional boxer and compete. With his dedication and grit, he was able to do so, winning first place in the Egyptian Championships in the process. An unfortunate injury during the 2018 Olympic Qualifications halted his amateur boxing career, after which he made inspiring people through his work and journey his main goal.

Currently, Amir has his own businesses ( and which are both products of his hard work and tenacity. He also has his Instagram profile (@amirrjoy) and his blog on his website ( where he updates followers about his journey. 

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