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Sports and athletics exist to make sure individuals learn management and sportsmanship, but for students, this can be an even more difficult task. If there is anything we know about athletes, it’s that they possess more discipline and determination than most people. Having a fixed schedule and knowing how to manage their time well on top of always making sure they are managing their diet well is not for the weak-hearted. Maintaining peak fitness is not as easy a task as athletes make it seem, but these examples exist to drive us and motivate us to become the best version of ourselves.

Alphonzo Overstreet is one such example. Being just 19 years of age, he has already added numerous impressive notches to his belt in his athletics career as a sprinter. Currently, Alphonzo is a student at the University of South Carolina after graduating from Woodward Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.

Running track for the Southeastern Conference (SEC) which is a college-level athletic conference in America, we already know Alphonzo is reaching higher and higher. Notably, he is the holder of four Woodward Academy records, so it is safe to assume that he kickstarted his Track career fairly early on.

Coming in at an impressive six feet and one inch and a weight of 170 lbs, Alphonzo Overstreet’s records in his years of sprinting so far are nothing to scoff at. Considering his physique, it is no surprise that his primary position is in the 400m sprint. With an existing record of 48.83 seconds in the 400m and 22.8 seconds in the 200m, Alphonzo only has room to grow and improve his already amazing records. With his first season in Columbia this year, he took part in six events for the Gamecocks in record times, in fact just thinking about sprinting for over 1600m is knocking the wind out of us!

Alphonzo’s stunning career so far is a testament to his talent, but it is not surprising that talent, passion, and dedication runs in his blood. Alphonzo’s father, Dr. Overstreet, is a renowned OBGYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) with over 39 years of experience. Practicing in Southwest Atlanta, even Alphonzo’s father has an immensely successful career in his own field of women’s health care. His family has appeared many times on shows such as “Married to Medicine” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

It is safe to say that Alphonzo, who goes by “Zo” on his various social media accounts, will most likely follow in his fathers’ footsteps of becoming renowned and famous in his own field. There is no doubt that he possesses the zeal and determination to excel in Track, so if in a few years’ time you hear his name called out amongst the likes of Usain Bolt, do not be surprised! We know we won’t be.

When you think of athletes, one of the first things that probably come to mind is how hectic their days are, so surely they look towards other outlets to relax or pass some time. Since he is an athlete himself, Alphonzo enjoys watching and keeping up with a multitude of other sports. Other than track and field, he is an avid fan of basketball and American football as well, with his Twitter account (@aoverstreet_) being flooded with news related to those sports. He is also very humble, which is evident with some of the tweets he has retweeted. To quote one, he retweeted Robert Griffin III’s tweet “Don’t forget God when you get what you prayed for”.

Other than sports, he also enjoys hip-hop music, rap in particular. Assuming he follows sports very closely, he is much more active on his Twitter account as compared to his Instagram (@aoverstreet_). Despite not posting much, he has almost six thousand followers which is quite an impressive feat.

Sprinting towards an even more successful future, we hope Alphonzo soars to success.

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