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Alexandra Hainsworth was born and raised in Perth, Australia. Since a very young age, Alexandra had discovered her passion lies in singing and music. She has been honing her art from a very young age by practicing singing with different vocal techniques. Her talents exhibit from the fact that Alexandra has been singing on stage independently, in front of big crowds, from a very young age. At just 11, her talent was recognized, and she got the opportunity to perform in front of esteemed hotel guests in Ibiza, Spain. She covered songs of many artists, including a Latin icon in the music world- Shakira, and received an extremely positive response from the crowd, who met her with tumultuous cheering. That was the beginning of her musical journey that has led to Alexandra owning an extensive discography and a plethora of great experiences. In contemporary times with online platforms, the music industry has become ever so evolving. There are new emerging artists every day, and it is so hard to earn a unique reputation. Despite all that, Alexandra’s music stands out because of it’s uniqueness and mixture of different genres.

As she was growing older, Alexandra’s love for music was also growing. She had started to travel to different parts of the world to pick up from their culture and extend her knowledge about the music. Her inspiration and life goals had always been inclined towards the music industry, and it is not surprising that this is a career path she finally chose for herself. Sometime after her high school graduation, Alexandra traveled to various states in the United States, such as- Los Angeles, Boston, New York. During her visit, she got the opportunity to attend concerts by many big and local bands. It was then that she realized there was extremely glorifying about being a member of cover bands. There is so much potential there for travels and experiences of playing in front of big crowds. As soon as Alexandra, returned from her tour in the States, she started to seek for bands with open positions for vocalist and soon became a lead vocalist to one of the local bands in Perth.

Alexandra completed her post-graduate studies in psychology, but her true passion always lies in music. As soon as she completed her education, she went back to pursue her passion and made it her career. She developed her acoustic duo that includes a singer and pianist duo called The Entertainers. The group consists of one of those eminent names of a well-known pianist- Ric Stern. Ever since then, Alexandra has been working on expanding her career and working hard towards reaching excellency.  Her music is diverse and covers more than one genre; it includes pop,  EDM, Jazz, etc. That is what’s unique about her; her music is not constricted to one form but covers a variety of genres and makes her an all-rounder vocalist. Alexandra’s songs and her style is catchy and have the potential to hit someday. Her music is broadcast on not only the United States radios but also internationally. At such a young age and the beginning of her professional career, Alexandra has received both international and national recognition for her talents. Her band performs in wedding receptions, big events, hotel lobbies, cruise ships, theatres, jazz clubs, etc. One of her original songs, “J Train” even became a music video with over 13 thousand views.

Alexandra is super focused and determined towards reaching her goal. She is thriving at such an early age because she doesn’t get hesitant to work on her skills and hone them delicately. That’s one of her strengths- she keeps aiming for better despite achieving so much success already. Her band has earned a dedicated fan base. People with different music taste comes together to support Alexandra’s art because her songs have something special for everyone. If anyone wants to look her up, here are the links: alexandra.

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