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Most little boys grow up playing with toy cars, planes, or sports toys which engrains a certain idea in their head from a very young age. They grow up surrounding themselves with similar things and their mindset develops into one where they see themselves growing up and becoming race car drivers, pilots, astronauts, scientists, and even athletes. For some, it becomes a goal that they are driven to achieve, while for others it becomes a fantasy, such as driving fancy, luxurious sports cars when they grow up, or going to space. Some times, these fantasies die out as they grow up and face certain realities. For some, the stars align in a way that allows them to pursue these dreams with adequate support from their family and peers.

When Alex Palou was an energetic 6-year-old boy living in Sant Antoni de Vilamajor, Spain, he loved Go-kart racing as any other boy his age did. Having learned the ropes from such a young age, Alex’s parents noticed how their son excelled in racing and let him make something of it. From Go-karting and competing in races in Spain, he went on to compete at a European level, and ultimately at an International level. At the European Championships, Alex placed 2nd and 4th in the World Championships. In 2012, at the age of 15, he won the acclaimed Championship title at the WSK Euro Series. At the same age, he found that he had good luck and success in single-seaters in Formula 3, GP2, GP3, and Super Formula. 

Seeing as to how Alex started demolishing his records and reaching newer heights in racing, he was able to take it to the next level. He opened new doors for himself and finally took off his training wheels. In 2014, Alex finally stepped into the real world of racing by making his debut in open-wheel racing competitions at the Euroformula Open Championship. From there, everything untended itself, and Alex’s dedication and hard work spoke volumes for the immediate success he was met with. In 2015, he started racing in the Formula 3 Series with Campos Racing and began familiarizing himself with these newer and more professional kinds of racing. A mere year later, he placed second at the Silverstone Sprint Race, showing that his hard work was paying off and he was finally harvesting the fruits of his labor. 

It was in 2017, however, when Alex realized the extent of his success when his career moved International. He moved his life to Japan to participate and race at the All-Japan Formula Three Championship. After more competitions, he began working with Super GT3000 for McLaren Customer Racing Japan and Super Formula for TCS Nakajima Racing! The names alone are enough to know how big a break this was for Alex! 

In 2019, Alex bagged first place at the Super Formula Championship Race in Fuji despite heavy rains, proving to the world why he is one of the few European professional drivers working in Japan. It concretes the fact that few have the same passion and tenacity for driving that Alex possesses. 

Boasting 14,000 followers on Instagram (@alexpalou), Alex has been trying to grow his social media to engage with his fans more. He has seen a recent surge in people impersonating him and is in hopes of verification to curb the issue of fake profiles. Over on his Twitter, he is just as interactive with his fans, showing his humble and responsible side. In a recent tweet, he said “Really sad to hear that I’ll race my first Indy500 without you guys. It’s the fans what makes this event so special and I’m gonna miss interacting with y’all. But health is the priority right now.” Even with his ample success, Alex remains a down-to-heart and grateful individual, and we hope his success continues at his upcoming races!

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