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Alejandro Rodriguez Jr. is an American professional soccer player who is originally from Miami Florida. In his career, he has had the pleasure to have travelled to many different countries from all over the world, some of these countries include places as far as Australia, The United States of America, Qatar and Ghana amongst many, many others. Alejandro plays as an attacking midfielder and a winger and has been a part of the NPSL club Miami United FC under the former Juventus F.C and Japanese national football team coach. He also signed a contract with the Ghanaian Premier League club and has contributed in Wa All Stars FC to win their first trophy of the year at the Star Times Gala.

When Alejandro was young, he never thought of entrepreneurship as his calling. His first love was soccer which he started playing seriously when he was just four years of age. Alejandro was brought up in a household that held a strong passion for soccer that he inherited. His father was the one who brought him up in a way that Alejandro realised that soccer was what he wanted to busy himself with as he grew up. It was very early on in his life when he realised that he was a complete natural at the sport. He believes himself to be fated to be as talented he is in football and that he must have done something wonderful in his past life to have been given this gift in this life.

Despite being as good as he is, Alejandro makes sure to always remind himself to use his talent and power for good. He tells that he has used his craft and dream for bigger and greater things in his life to motivating himself to always strive to evolve into a better and a more hardworking person which has led him to also evolve as a soccer player who makes sure to always put his hundred per cent in the game and outside of it.

As he achieves his big dreams on the soccer field, he did not stop striving to achieve his dreams outside of it as well. At just the age of twenty-three, while also carrying on with soccer on the side, Alejandro had his own business and became an entrepreneur. From the last four years, Alejandro owns Life Filtration, Miami’s top-rated water filtration firm who is well-known for taking the complete responsibility to constantly expand their existing knowledge of water, softeners, reverse osmosis, alkaline water, UV sanitation along with all other services they offer.  With Life Filtration, Alejandro has worked in the Caribbean and all over South Florida. With his team, he has managed to provide ultra-pure water for residential, commercial and industrial purposes as well. Alejandro mentions that it is extremely interesting that his company turns salty seawater into pure drinking water fit for consumption and helps the environment with his work. Life Filtration is also extremely unique because they specialise in soft water that is BPA, chlorine, chloramine and lead-free.

Alejandro enjoys success with everything that he sets his foot in, from many different avenues. He believes that ultimately, success is the same even if it comes from different places. He fully believes in the thought that success is greatly defined by one’s ability to perform a task with ease and clarity. To achieve glory, a person may have to achieve more than that. For Alejandro, life is all about finding a balance between a person’s basic, instinct and rationality that they learn from the world. Upon finding this balance, a person truly achieves success in all the avenues that they dabble in.

One can follow Alejandro, his soccer career and his future projects at the Instagram handle @alejandrorodriguezjr.

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