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Adrienne Collins holds many remarkable titles, including that of a songwriter, singer, music artist, humanitarian, a reiki master, certified makeup artist, and an internet personality. Besides all these wonderful professions, she has also been a bartender. How cool is that? She is the kind of woman who makes you think that everything is possible and every profession is doable. She currently holds all these titles and she’s doing a great job at all of them. She has a great influence on people on the internet and her Instagram account currently has 35.5k followers. So, by default, she is an influencer too. And she has always used this platform to help people out and mentor them through her various learned skills. 

Adrienne calls herself a “Yankee socialite” which is the cool term for saying that she is a very social American who has been affiliated with various social clubs and communities and is part of the trendy group of people who follow all trends and are aware of what’s hot in town. 

Adrienne’s many amazing feats include her songwriting. She released her single on Apple Music in 2018, called ‘World So Cold’. You can check it out to find out just how talented our lady is with her writing and vocal skills. The song captures the essence of the title beautifully and goes on about the warmth that is missing from the world, and how cold and distant the people have become. It is a song that touches your heart and leaves you feeling melancholic about the state of the affairs of the world. It is nonetheless a great song and reflects Adrienne’s depth of thoughts and the vision with which she looks at the world. 

As apparent from her only released single, Adrienne is a humanitarian and actively involved in the issues of the humankind. Her charitable characteristics show us how much she cares about the world and its problems and how far she’s willing to go to get those problems solved. She has been included in several such causes and has played a major role in helping people out. 

Besides being talented and compassionate, Adrienne has also proved herself to be highly spiritual and intellectual. She is a certified reiki master and an energy coach. For those people who are not familiar with these terms, it deals with the discourse of all matter being a product of energy that is also a scientific fact. The energies that matter carries, usually define its characteristics. They can be negative or positive, they can be strong or weak, and like all energies, they can increase and decrease. All laws of energy apply to these energies, and they are used to explain various behavioral traits of people and groups of people. They are also used to treat people spiritually and is known to have cured medical ailments. A person practicing in this field has to have great control over their mind and spirituality, and it is a massive achievement for Adrienne to be so good in this field too. For her, it is a great experience to be able to meet other spiritually pure souls who she could connect with. 

Adrienne’s career has been all about helping people and doing it on a large enough scale to make a difference. She is doing multiple great things at the moment to help people. She never lets any chance of teaching people about equity, tolerance, and kindness go. For her, these are the most vital aspects that one must understand in life. When she’s not helping people, she is a creative behind the camera with her gorgeous makeup looks. To check them out, you can head to her Instagram profile that goes by the name @adriennecol. Her song is available on iTunes for preview and buying as well. You can check out her lyrical and vocal skills right there.

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