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A successful person is one who believes in hard work and creates opportunities, not for himself but also for others. This article is about the man who pushed himself for his dream and by believing in himself he kept on climbing the ladder of success. Abdelahad SATOUR, a multitasking and young man at the age of 34, is an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a traveler as well. Satour, who started with zero and after non-stop working for two and half a year he achieved his dreams.

Today, the world is driven by advancements in technology, and nowadays we are being extensively fed by the information of technology. In terms of trade, defense, commerce, and culture information technology provides greater value.  It has fully grown with outstanding drive and acquired a noble rank for itself and for all those professionals that are linked with it.

Satour, an information technology expert with almost 30 certifications in the field of IT such as TOGAF, Spring, Java EE, PHP, JPA, EJB, XML, HTML5, ISO 27002/20000, Scrum, and many others. We can easily say that he is a master in the field of information technology as for all information technology-related occupations technical and professional certifications are growing.

At this young age, he is the owner of 4 companies which two of which are startups and the other two are digital service companies. Bytelance and adservio are the two of them.

As we said, Satour is a multi-tasking person and there is no full stop to his talents as he is also CEO/CTO and Solutions Architect. Entrepreneurs not just open ways for themselves but also they make ways for others and help others to achieve their dreams as well. Satour is working with different team sizes and managing over 30 projects and 20 consulting missions. Not only this, but he is also working on 80+ technical courses and 12 seminars. He is a person working on different platforms and embarking on his journey toward success. Satour not only masters in his work but has also learned four languages including English, Arabic, Japanese, and French.

Abdelahad SATOUR owns a website, and adds all of his life updates regarding information technology, traveling, and wellbeing on his website. All the information regarding books, certifications, and different mock exams of information technology can find out on his website, and new professionals can get all the recent updates from there. This website is not only in one language, as he is a versatile man owning different talents his website can also be assessed in four languages.

Abdelahad introduces himself as an amateur blogger on his site. All the blogs related to his work in information technology and also his travels around the world can be found on his site easily and one surely enjoys reading his personal experiences.

Being an Entrepreneur is one of the most exciting and popular things to do. Though starting and maintaining your own business isn’t easy. You have to maintain your business and work with your personal life as well. Abdelahad truly is a spirit to live his life at his best, enjoying his passion, traveling as well. Traveling plays an important part in making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It surely brings positive changes to the traveler’s life and gives a vibe of being alive and active. Practical experience of things is increased by traveling, on the same thought Abdelahad traveling experience shows that he is fond of traveling and gaining experience of different cultures. Whether it’s Asia, France, Africa, or Europe he has followed his heart everywhere.

Besides traveling, reading books is the other best hobby of Satour. He satisfies his intellectual curiosity through these books. He reads and listens to books of different themes related to history, religious debates, ecological transition, inner peace, disciplines of energy, and Naturopathy.

Abdelahad is active on all of his social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with the name ad_satour, as well he also runs a YouTube channel sharing his traveling vlogs. You can follow him on all social sites to have an insight into his career and his traveling passion. To read some of his inspiring stories and articles on medium you can visit

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