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This article introduces you to a highly talented, energetic, and incredibly gifted person whose name is Abdi Baktur.

Abdi Baktur is widely and popularly known as Emre Baktur and he resides in Ankara, Turkey. He is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person who by profession is a Digital and Social Media Coordinator at Bilgi Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu (BTK- ICT), Turkey. Besides this, he is an IU Communication and Head of Time Regulation Institute. His academic records include an Associate Degree in Business Management from Selcuk University, a degree in Public Relations from Istanbul University, and Post Graduate (Master) in Advertising from Selcuk University. Additionally, he is a blogger and writer who has written numerous articles on information technology and social media usage as a first editor and author on the website which is entitled as ( As a writer and social media expert, he not only trusts himself and his abilities but also believes in being a hard worker because he is conscious of the well-known fact that success belongs to those who work untiringly and strive hard and that’s the reason he himself keeps burning the midnight oil to grow in his field and have a successful career. His profession for him is his passion. That’s why he loves what he does and is sincere with and dedicated to his work. Because of his hard work, endless efforts, and strong determination, he is growing in popularity and has received a lot of recognition locally and internationally.

In addition to this, Abdi Baktur is an open and positive minded person who always tries to stay focused on the positive and brighter aspects of life. Because of his being optimistic, he thinks of positivity and always hopes for the best. He even tries his level best not to fall prey to negativity because he knows very well that those who are overwhelmed with negativity and surrounded by pessimists can never reach the acme of their career because negativity not only discourages them but also distracts them from their path to success. It also disturbs their peace of mind. Furthermore, Abdi Baktur’s life has always been full of fun and enjoyment because of his jolly nature. He is also fond of traveling because traveling not only provides him with a chance to explore the beauty of nature but also enables him to meet new people and know more about their socio-cultural values.

Apart from this, Abdi Baktur as a social media expert is social and friendly in nature who loves being in social gatherings and never misses an opportunity to participate in social events. He has strong social networking skills due to which he easily mingles with people around him. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the whole world has been passing through the toughest time and people throughout the world are confined to their houses. In this connection, Abdi Baktur in one of his articles writes, “In these difficult days, we need unity and togetherness the most. Social media is the best way to fulfill longings and be informed about our loved ones.” Moreover, He is always busy pursuing his successful career and chasing his dreams. Despite this, he has learned how to manage his personal, professional, and social life simultaneously. He is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and has been a social media star. Because of his lovable, adorable, and influencing personality with an impressive lifestyle he has a huge fan following and this can be known from the fact that he has been able to garner 31.8k followers on his Instagram account, and 1 million followers on his Twitter account. Through social media platforms, he keeps updating his fans and followers about his lifestyle and new trends in information and technology. More can be learned about this versatile person if he is followed on his social media accounts, the links to which are given below.





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