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Aaronia Chandler Jones was born in a small town Cleveland in Ohio. He grew up in the streets of Cleveland, a place that has encouraged an environment for budding entrepreneurs and startup founders. Cleveland has gotten its entrepreneurial scene on par with places like Austin, Boulder, Chicago, and Silicon Valley. Aaronia grew up determined and inspired; he was ready to do amazing things to change the world and make his impact known. His drive to push forward in life and change people’s life has made him popular amongst the Ohio community. Aaronia is known by his nickname, which is CJ. Aaronia is multi-talented; he harbors so many talents and skills. He wants to not take any moment in life for granted and work hard towards changing the lives of those who are less privileged in this world. He is a photographer, a marketer, an investor, a brilliant entrepreneur, and a navy soldier. Aaronia’s diligence and passion are exhibited by his sheer accomplishments. 

Currently, Aaronia is only 22 years old, but he has already served in the US navy. The process of being selected in the US Navy is hard, long, and grueling. It requires one to have essential skills to be able to go through challenging training. It takes much more than mere physical attributes, but rather a determined mind and a driven soul. Hundred thousand of people apply to become a part of the United States elite institute of Navy, yet Aaronia has been selected to serve his country. As a Navy Soldier, Aaronia has been highly trained, which has led him to be able to carry out his tasks, both professionally and competently. After successfully paving his way into one of the finest institutions of the United States, Aaronia’s core values combined with self-discipline has strengthened, which helps him to perform well under pressure. The experience in the US Navy has also taught him the significance of integrity and loyalty towards one work and one’s community. After five years of working as a Navy Soldier, he was ready to become financially independent and take a new career path. Amalgamating all of these qualities, Aaronia is now pushing to incorporate them in his entrepreneurship career to achieve the best results. 

Aaronia has been passionate about pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. As a result of which, he has started to offer a carefully designed mentorship program called Dreamers Initiative. The mentorship program provides guidance and inspiration to people who are looking to pursue a career in Digital Entrepreneurship. Anyone who is interested needs to sign up for the Mentorship Community through a form that requires basic information of one’s background- both personal and professional. Aaronia’s hard work has paid off- his mentees have grown into a community. His vision was to build a community where people can make new connections and create time freedom, and he was successful in establishing that. His program aims to teach how to trade currencies and generate residual income and earn anywhere. Aaronia wants to help people in making an impact and expanding their influence.

Aaronia, or better known for his name CJ, has already achieved so much success and experience at an incredibly young age. In his entrepreneurship journey, his mentorship program has positively impacted the lives of so many people. His humbleness is depicted in the fact that Aaronia didn’t even realize the kind of positive change he was bringing to people’s lives. He realized when one of his high school friends informed how his life completely changed after the mentorship program. It was then Aaronia realized he has many success stories. He has gotten the chance to work with so many people and hear their personal stories and struggles that it has change Aaronia’s perspective. He wants to continue working for the betterment of other people’s lives and push to make a community where everyone is living in peace. If anyone wants to look him up, his social links are aaronia.cj and his website-

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