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Mixed martial arts is considered to be the best fighting technique known to man. It is not only a fighting method where you learn how to overpower your opponent. Rather, just as the name implies, it is an art. Martial arts is a respected sport because it teaches one discipline and respect for knowing how to use your body as a weapon. Most MMA fighters are level headed and logical in their methods during fights and can stay stably minded despite the number of punches they have taken.

Aaron Petersen, known by the pseudonym “Kung Fu Panda” in the fighting ring, grew up watching martial arts movies. He was always impressed by the dexterity and elegance of these fights and eventually, it became a dream for him to become a successful MMA fighter. Therefore, he began his training.

The training for martial arts tests an individual’s will more than any other sport. Unlike soccer or boxing, it does not specialize in one discipline but encompasses a diverse regime of preparation. Aaron did what was required of him. He woke up early for the grueling strength and conditioning sessions, leading to the twelve-hour-a-day practice of a multitude of martial arts like kickboxing, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. He mastered them all and aimed for tournaments where he would eventually win gold medal upon gold medal.

It seemed that he had a special gift for this sport because when Aaron retired from MMA, he had under his belt the title of an undefeated mixed martial artist and British Silver medalist for both Combat Sambo and BJJ. He also won multiple gold medals in regional championships.

While being a stellar MMA fighter, Aaron also tried his luck in entrepreneurship and investment; two things that require not only wit and intelligence but also a load of good luck to be successful. Aaron played his cards right, and with a little bit of luck combined with his intellect and logical comprehension skills, he became victorious in his new ventures.

Aaron’s trail of success and good fortune is not to be mistaken for a fluke, as his beginning had also been humble. He fell many times and learned how to stand back up. When asked about what he credits all of this, other than his hard work and unwavering dedication, Aaron proudly mentions his wife Ana. He goes as far as to call her the engine behind all that he does and achieves. It is no secret the wonders that a supportive spouse can have on a person’s career. Aaron feels no shame in flaunting how encouraging and nurturing it has been for him to have her by his side. He openly says how he wouldn’t be as successful as he is today without the support of his wife and two sons.

After becoming successful in both martial arts and as an entrepreneur, he thought back to the reason he developed an interest in martial arts in the first place. A trip down memory lane reminded him of the movies he had watched as a child that had inspired him to chase his dreams. He thought about how he could inspire little children who are looking for the same ray of hope, or that push, to move forward in chasing their dreams. He could not think of a better way to influence them than what he had been motivated by, and the answer was movies.

He stumbled across a filmmaker in Chicago when he was researching the origins of mixed martial arts. As it turned out, the filmmaker was looking up the history of a man called Count Dante, who held the first mixed martial arts tournament back in the 60s. Due to the similar nature of their interests, they struck up a friendship and started Straight Out of A Comic Book LLC to produce the movies they both wanted to.

Now, they have two movies under production. We are incredibly excited to see what wonders they have in store for us. Looking at Aaron’s history of perfectionism, they will, without a doubt, be something to look forward to.

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