Adriano Olsen(@adrianoolsen)


Blogging has become a new and popular way of sharing your experiences with the world. Everything ranging from travel, sports, fashion, makeup, to fitness has now become a favored topic to write about, and with blogging being open to many mediums such as writing, picturing, or even videoing, the possibilities are endless! Every single day, individuals from all over the world kickstart their blogs in hopes of enlarging their network and becoming influencers with huge followings and audiences. Multiple social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have proved to support bloggers expand their profiles because of their picture-sharing capabilities with explanatory captions accompanying them.

Adriano Henrique Simäo or Adriano Olsen is another blogger who, after seeing immense on his Instagram blog, shifted to other means of blogging by making his own website ( where he shares articles and images about fashion, travel and lifestyle, sports, and health. His Instagram profile (@adrianoolsen) has amassed an astonishing 357,000 followers, where he posts content that is along the same lines as his website. Based in Madrid, Adriano initially did not intend on becoming serious with his blogging. What started as a competition amongst friends became a huge turning point in his life, where he discovered his interest in photography, writing, and blogging his experiences. He started his Instagram blog as a game, but slowly started enjoying it and found it being fun rather than it being work, and that is when he felt it taking off. 


Adriano’s Instagram profile is a sight for sore eyes! Be it his excellent aesthetic sense when it comes to posting photographs according to a theme, his trendy and spiffy fashion sense, his gorgeous travel locations, and even his handsome features, we are certain his profile is the place to be if you love a neat, pleasing to the eye, lifestyle blog. Describing himself as ‘a citizen of the world’, he says he lives with a suitcase in one hand and a camera in the other. With his primary focus on everything that he enjoys without it feeling like a chore, he hopes to inspire everyone and entertain them through his takes on fashion, traveling, and sports. In terms of fashion, he loves staying up to the minute about the ever-evolving fashion trends and collections, which has helped him develop his aesthetic sense over the years. Traveling gives him ‘indescribable sensations’ and every destination provides him with unique experiences and memories. “Traveling is connecting with the world and it allows me to generate new ways of communicating.” Traveling and mingling with various cultures, people, languages, and even foods enrich one’s soul better than any other experience could, and it explains how Adriano has developed his blog and website so beautifully over the years. 

Since Adriano is the subject of all his posts, he makes sure to take care of his physical and mental health, and his physique to ensure he looks his best in his blogs. He says to take care of himself both outside and inside is his philosophy of life and he lives by it. Sports, another subject he enjoys playing and watching, is something he uses to keep himself fit and entertained. It has taught him what effort and teamwork mean, and is one of his old passions. 

Although his Instagram is limited to photos, his website is far more detailed. He uploads pictures and writings such as articles about the latest trends and changes in everything he is passionate about. Both platforms are must-visits for internet surfers who are looking for a professional, aesthetic, and informative blog! 

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