WenHao Huang (@_bigm_99)


WenHao Huang  is an illustrator based in the US. He is a young man who has been following and pursuing his passion for art for many years now. He is working hard to get his name out there in the illustration world and has worked under the guidance of many experts in the field. He is currently pursuing his art studies at university.

WenHao has been an artist ever since he was a young child. In school, he would always come up with the most creative and beautiful content for his art class. He thoroughly enjoyed it as he knew he was good at it. His friends and family loved seeing what else he would show them the next time he draws. Through their encouragement, WenHao kept practicing and perfecting his talent.

The better he got at art, the more he realized his calling in life. He spent time exploring the art world to see if there was something in there for him. He knew he loved to draw and wished to discover if there was a future in it for him. As he got older, he was trying to find out where he could go to further his interests in art. One thing he was sure of was that drawing, and illustrating was the career path he wished to take.

WenHao started looking at what colleges or universities he could attend. He wanted to make sure that wherever he goes, they will nurture him and his talent and help make it the best possible talent it can be. He applied to a few institutions but was lucky enough to get into the place he so longed to go to – Rhode Island School of Design in the Illustration program. WenHao was ecstatic as he knew he was on the correct path to pursue his career.

Around the same time, WenHao decided to create his Instagram page for his artwork. He figured that he wanted to show the world what he has to offer. Through the support of his friends and family, he has been able to build his Instagram portfolio. Over time, WenHao has been able to increase his reach and is allowing others to enjoy his artwork as well as inspire others.

Currently, WenHao has managed to garner over 2k followers to his Instagram. He makes sure to upload content very regularly so that he can keep his followers updated on what his next projects and plans are. He has open communication with his fans and makes sure to upload all of his artistic achievements to show everyone what a talented individual he is.

WenHao’s Instagram artwork is very diverse and eye-catching. Initially, he was uploading photos of some of his plain sketches. These were very intricate and were beautifully done. As time went on and he got better, WenHao started posting artwork with plenty more details and shading. His creativity was becoming more complex and incredible to look at.

66715542_124157008555518_72979163491586461_n (1)

Over time, he started adding color to his illustrations which brought out the true essence of his work. This helped boost his followers even more. Now, WenHao uploads his digital illustrations – full of life and color – straight to his Instagram. Additionally, he has uploaded more of his artwork to his website where one can easily find his portfolio of illustrations.

WenHao has had the opportunity to work under the guidance of some of his illustration idols. He has worked with Huang Jian Cheng, a renowned interior designer, and gained plenty of knowledge and experience from him. WenHao was also able to work with his inspiration, Yoshitaka Amano, a world-class illustrator. He values and treasures his relationships with Amano as it has been even better than he expected.

WenHao is surely destined to go far in his career. He is a hardworking and determined individual with very clear ideas of what his goals in life are. He knows how to network himself and bring out the best in him. He hopes to become a well-established illustrator soon.

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