Vishu Gupta (@the_vishu_gupta)


There are many professions an individual can pursue in their lives, but most differ from the other. Unlike desk jobs, where you need to sit at a table in front of a computer or a laptop to get all your work done in a few hours, they do not require the complete changing of an individual’s lifestyle. Career paths that are much more demanding because of the looming factor of luck, success in these professions are not guaranteed. These professions are acting and modeling. They demand one to constantly be in their top form, maintain a packed schedule and work-life whilst also managing their sleeping and eating, being careful of what they do to unwind, even with who they associate with. 

Not only are career paths such as modeling and acting incredibly taxing, stressful, and uncertain, they also push people to be a certain way in front of the camera. Having constant pressure on yourself to always be the best version of yourself can be very exhausting, yet the individuals who are able to power through and make a name for themselves in such industries also deserve credit. In industries where establishing yourself takes years, sometimes even decades, it is hopefuls who are trying to put themselves on the map that inspires us and motivates us to push our limits when trying to achieve our goals. 

Vishu Gupta is a young hopeful who also hopes to make it in the modeling and acting industry. Although it can be daunting, knowing there are millions of people who have dreams and aspirations identical to yours, Vishu has started with taking baby steps. Rather than starting with unrealistic, impossibly high expectations for himself and his career, he made a humble start in this path to first enrich himself and gain experience and lessons. 

His purpose for pursuing this certain path is to allow character building, experience things by involving himself with the inner workings of modeling and acting, learning from seniors, and others around him. He wants to gain knowledge from his life and from people who have more to share regarding the career path he wants to walk on so that he can use all these things to achieve his own goals and have no regrets. 

Vishu refers to himself not as an actor or a model, but as an artist. Since his interest in modeling and acting stems from him wanting to learn how to express himself and his feelings in multiple ways, he prefers to be called by a broader term that umbrellas everything he wishes to accomplish. He says that the results he has gotten so far have taught him that the only way to achieve something in life is to face it and confront your own limits so that you can come out feeling like a better version of yourself. He always pushes himself to develop new ideas, stories, and experiences so he can grow as an artist. His struggles to enter such an uncertain field have encouraged him, yet have also motivated him to go on.

He uses social media, Instagram (@the_vishu_gupta) in particular, since it helps with the modeling aspect of his career by engaging with the online community. Since, on the side, he works in digital marketing, he understands how crucial a role the internet can play in pushing someone to expand their network and get more recognition. His guardians and seniors have helped him a lot with his work outside of the arts, and he tries his best to incorporate all of that into his daily activities.  

Currently, Vishu is managed by The Eagle Production (@the_eagle_production) and works towards establishing himself in the modeling and acting industries. He has his digital portfolio up on his Instagram profile, which is a colorful peek into what kind of person he is and how he wants the world to see him. Be sure to follow him on his profiles so you can get to know Vishu on a deeper level and support him in upcoming projects! 

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