Tito J Lobos (@tito_of_banditlife)


Tito J Lobos is a successful CEO and co-CFO of multiple companies in the music industry. This includes Musikwerks Entertainment Group LLC, BanditLife Entertainment, and Banditwerks Distribution INC. Banditlife Entertainment is an Independent Record Label based out of Houston, Texas. It has 2 offices based in Texas and California and works with 45 artists from 3 different continents and 23 different cities. This makes it an international company. The company is also a proud owner of the Gold Plaque and has over 3 million streams across digital platforms. Banditlife Entertainment continues to grow and prosper under Tito’s leadership.

His journey into the music industry came about as a result of his dedication to music production. Running a record label requires a lot of hard work and commitment. And it is a job best suited for someone passionate and knowledgeable about music which is why Tito has been so great at it and has taken the Label to new heights of success.

A perk of working in the music industry is that one gets to work with a plethora of talented individuals. Tito enjoys working with his favorite musicians. He not only appreciates their talents but prides himself in being able to elevate their music through the work his record label does. He is also able to give new musicians a chance to showcase their work and make it big.

In today’s world, social media has become a potent tool in promoting one’s work and personal brand. Tito realizes the importance of social media and he has worked hard to create a prominent social media presence. He can be found on Instagram as @tito_of_banditlife and has amassed almost 6 thousand followers. He uses his Instagram as a platform to promote the work done by Banditlife Entertainment and to share snippets from his personal life. This allows his followers to receive updates about his work, while also getting to know him on a personal level.


His most recent post showcases the artwork of an album released by an artist signed by Banditlife. The album is called “Port of Houston” and it features flex4wat. In another post, he shares a video of a recent concert that was held in “The Showboat Drive-In” and had great performances by a variety of artists including Ronnie Rey, PaperBoy Gee, and 21STCENTURY. He can also be found on Facebook as “Banditlife Entertainment”. This page is dedicated to the company and it shares snippets of the various songs the label has released. These songs are by different artists such as Mr. Koops, OG KillaKaos. The label releases music that is unique and enjoyable. Listeners following the Banditlife social media are also able to discover new artists, many of whom are undiscovered gems. 

Tito is an extremely talented individual. He is currently running three different companies and under his leadership, Banditlife Entertainment has risen to new heights. The Record Label had been able to sign on extremely promising musicians and does an excellent and creative job of promoting their new music. Tito can also be found on social media so people can follow him and the work put out by Banditlife. His passion for music means he has a good understanding of how music should be promoted and how the music industry works. He has a great work ethic and strongly believes in how one should keep working on their craft with true diligence. He will surely reach new heights of success and make a name for himself in the world of music.

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