Stephen Asamoah (@steven.shakes)


Stephen Asamoah is one of those young emerging artists who perceive fashion as a high culture art and seek ways to preserve its beauty and magnificence through the art of photography. To become part of a career without understanding the intricacies of the work and the much-needed passion, it is next to impossible to gain success in that career. Stephen, however, is not only passionate about his work, but he also has an excellent grasp on the subject of Fashion. He possesses a fresh perspective on what the outcome of his photography should be and how it must encapsulate the totality of the vogue.

Fashion Photography is an integral branch of modern photography. Its significance lies in the fact that it is informed by popular culture and trends and societal views of gender, self-image, and sexuality. Hence, it defines the era or what art historian Eugenie Shinkle said that “Fashion photography is a most fantastic barometer of the time.” Stephen enjoys the dedication it takes to plan out the photoshoots and the thrill of covering every perspective that would help to enhance the ideas of the fashion designer. Stephen, of course, does not only have more than adequate knowledge on the subject of fashion, but he also owns the ability to communicate with the designers and understand the brilliancy of their minds and the complete comprehension of their creative process. It is essential to carry out justice to the designer’s work; otherwise, it’s a one-way perspective.

The Fashion industry, like any other industry, also requires a step-by-step process before putting the final products out in the markets. One step for fashion designers is to imagine the kind of vibe they want their products to exude to attract the target audience. Hence, the planning process requires more than just ideas- it needs a photographer to convey those ideas to the audience. Fashion photographers accentuate the fashion designer’s brand or their look, which is typically expressed as an attitude or concept; this helps in the proper advertisement for the brand. Stephen believes in the fact that art is inspired by life, and one of the ways to discover the silver lining is through photography. He wants to give life to the ideas in the designer’s mind and inspire others by his work.

It is necessary to keep up with the contemporary fashion industry, especially because the fashion trends are extremely ephemeral. With social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, it has become easier for photographers to make online blogs and publish their art for the world to see. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a unique and original style. It also takes an immense amount of will power, time, and dedication to build a portfolio with a recognizable style. Stephen understands this challenge; he sees photography as more than just a mere art, it’s his biggest passion, and he is dedicated to practicing and working hard and forming his own identity. Capturing the essence of the moment and seeking beauty in life through photographs is what Stephen lives for. Additionally, Stephen is a people’s person, and he knows how to make connections, which is an essential need for fashion photography because it is a collaborative process and requires an attentive crew on set. It is more than just light settings and object placement, its art that needs delicate planning- step by step.

Stephen is a talented photographer who wants to capture the essence of fashion and translate how he sees and feels about it. He has an excellent grasp on the subject of fashion and wants to inspire people through his work by making them see things through his lens. Stephen is a source of inspiration for his peers and friends, who look up to him at such a young age; this is concrete proof of Stephen’s diligence and brilliance. If anyone wants to look him up on social media, here is the link to his Instagram (

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