Shannon Corgan (@shannoncorgan)


An artist is an individual who uses their canvas as a medium to express themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions. It is a place where one is free to explore themselves vicariously through another’s craft. Artistic spaces tend to be a judgment-free zone where artists can easily communicate their ideas with like-minded people. Shannon Corgan is a new and upcoming artist hailing from Saint Louis Metropolitan Area. Having found her very own unique style and aesthetic, Shannon is an independent, self-made, and creative individual working towards expanding her experiences to further incorporate into her ever-growing artistic journey.

With both grandparents working as artists, it should come as no surprise that Shannon’s love for art is something that flows through her very veins. Growing up idealizing them she used to spend the majority of her time in their art studio which was located in the basement, trying her hand at something new each day. Her grandparents used to pick her up from grade school and bring Shannon to their place for her to enjoy and relax, this gave her a chance to explore herself and find the talents that define her today. Shannon claims that it was because of the art she was surrounded by and the freedom to express her mind creatively, that she did not have to decide on choosing art as her career path.

Shannon’s creative talent has not gone unnoticed by the wider public. Using her social media platforms, she attempts to make a sort of virtual gallery for her fans to view and enjoy. She has managed to gather a strong following of over four thousand individuals on Instagram. With a personal goal to ‘create images that encompass simplification of line and color and emphasizing texture’, Corgan strongly identifies with the abstract expressionist movement. Originating from New York during the mid-’90s and popularized by American artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, this movement distinguishes itself from its predecessors by focusing on portraying emotions in an abstract, usually highlighted via brush strokes. The spontaneity of the movement was portrayed on canvases to embolden the message they wish to convey, something Shannon makes exceedingly apparent in her art pieces.

However, Shannon does not limit her social media to only an artistic portfolio and visual gallery. An active member on Twitter, Corgan is all about interacting with her fans in a more personalized fashion. She not only gives her audiences a glimpse of her work process but also makes them experience first-hand interactions with the artist herself. Aside from promoting herself she also uses the various platforms to spread positivity and awareness. As evident from her posts, Shannon is a proud feminist and is vocal about her beliefs regarding gender-based equality. She is also an active supporter of the ‘Black Live Matter’ movement, constantly asking her followers to donate to such causes and sharing petitions in an attempt to stop police brutality against the black community.

Corgan is a very admirable woman who is a great role model for all, aside from having impeccable skills and talents, she is also a strong and vocal young lady always advocating for the right thing. She greatly appreciates her fans and wants to constantly give back to them when way or another. Shannon narrates one such incident that helped motivate her; shopping at Home Depot, a seventeen-year-old girl recognized and praised Shannon’s artwork. She claims this to be one of the most unforgettable moments of her life, where she felt that yes, her efforts and hard work are paying off.

Being a staunch believer in never giving up, Shannon wants to inspire her followers through her struggles and achievements. She wants her fans to know that they can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. She not only promotes self – love through her artwork but also the need for acceptance and approval from one’s self rather than the public.

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