Reggy Steel (@steel_entertainment)


Music, for most people, is a means to pass time when they’re bored, have nothing else to do, or are looking for a means to relieve stress. Although there is no fixed category that the purpose of enjoying music falls under, the major difference is between the person making music and the one consuming it. For artists, no matter what their medium is, the purpose of their work is to get their emotions and their feelings across. It is a way for them to express themselves and be able to convey complex feelings, often abstract, into something that can be seen, heard, felt, or even eaten. Art is strictly a form of expression, and it is how the medium is used that makes it special and worthwhile. 

Oftentimes, an artist realizes at a young age, perhaps during a difficult or confusing juncture of their life, that they need an outlet for their feelings. For some, it is painting or a drawing, while for others it could be photography or videography. For Brian Butler or Reggy Steel, it was music.

Born in 1982, he felt a pull towards music from a very early age. As any other child would, he often listened to music a lot and found himself leaning to one side. Hip hop had a way of conveying a message without being too soft or too aggressive. It was the perfect blend of styles that suited the kind of music Brian enjoyed listening to. Not only did he find it bringing him positivity, but he was also greatly captivated and inspired by the culture and soon found it becoming a prominent part of his life. 

In high school, his classmates had similar interests and would engage in freestyle battles during lunch breaks or any free slots during the day. After some reluctance, he found himself wanting to try it and he did exactly that. Participating in these freestyles was exhilarating and Brian realized he had a lot of potentials and saw himself making music like such. It was in college that he decided he wanted to pursue music at a more professional level.

“A dream can’t be lived until you wake up, and start chasing it.” This is the quote Brian lives by, and it has always worked in motivating him to work hard in his journey. Since realizing his inclination to hip hop music, he has produced substantial work and given himself quite the boost in the hip hop market. Under the name Reggy Steel, some platforms where his work can be enjoyed are Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify (he is verified!), Napster, DistroKid, and Bandcamp. He has been able to release a full-length album titled “4825” which is an emotional and raw peek into his life. With his goal being to be able to spread his message and bring it to the streets, the tracks on his album are tailored to tell listeners a story. In that story, Brian is the protagonist talking about his childhood, his life growing up, his ambitions, and what inspires him to be the best version of himself. 

Since joining the hip hop industry in full swing, Brain has had some experiences that he felt were worth sharing, but the most interesting one was one that left him feeling encouraged. In Virginia after performing at a festival, rapper Quan (Nas X’s labelmate) complimented Brian and his lyrics. He encouraged him and told him he did a great job which was extremely uplifting for Brian. 

On Instagram (@steel_entertainment), Brain shares updates on his life at home and his life as an artist. He is a father of 3 and can often be seen posting pictures with his gorgeous children. When he isn’t working, he is keeping up with his fitness. 

Be it his music or his social media activity, he makes sure to keep it positive and uplifting! One can follow him on his Instagram  (@steel_entertainment) to know more about him and his lifestyle.

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