Mario Puglia (@mariopuglia)


In this article, you are introduced to a highly talented, energetic, and incredibly gifted artist whose name is Mario Puglia. 

Mario Puglia is well known as “eme pe”. He is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional musical artist. Besides being a Musician, he is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. He was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Italian parents. He went to Toronto, Canada for his post-secondary studies and did his graduation in the “Music Industry Arts and Performance” at Centennial College. After finishing his graduation, he started residing there. He has been inclined towards music since his childhood and his passion for music started at the tender age of three when he began to sing and learn how to play instruments. He has a captivating voice and ability to move any one’s hearts over his lyrics and that’s why after being a multi-instrumentalist, he felt the urge of stepping into the music industry. He started working on his productions while studying at Centennial College. 

In addition to this, Mario Puglia loves expressing his feelings through his music. Writing and performing in his native Spanish tongue, Mario’s lyrics come from the heart and showcase a maturity well beyond his earthly years. He produced ‘Ganas De Ti’ (Wanting You) along with one of his friends and producers whose name is Gonzo. He then released his song across music and streaming platforms which picked up traction in no time. After this, Mario Puglia sent the track to Fabio Acosta who is the head of ‘Akela Family’ and manager to J Balvin. After receiving the track from Puglia, Fabio Acosta immediately gave his consent to manage Mario and to release his music through the legendary Akela Family Music label which is one of the most respectful indie labels in Latin America. Besides being highly talented and God-gifted artist, Mario Puglia believes in hard work because he is well aware of the tough competition among the artists in the industry and those who work untiringly and strive hard can easily reach the pinnacle of their successful musical career. That’s why Mario keeps putting his sincere efforts and practicing to get a distinct place in the industry and it is all because music for him is not only his profession but his passion. Owing to his sincere efforts, commitment, dedication, and strong determination, he at a very young age of 25 years has been able to receive a lot of recognition. 

Furthermore, Mario’s music is worth listening because his music brings a fresh twist to the contemporary R&B or Latino scene. As he is basically from Venezuela and resides in Canada that’s why his music has cultural influences of both of these countries and that can be witnessed through his music which gives listeners a unique blend of Latin and R&B rhythms. His music can easily be found on all music and streaming networks. Those who happen to listen to his music appreciate him a lot. Additionally, he believes in being optimistic who focuses on the positive, brighter, and happier moments of life. He always thinks of positivity and wants himself to be surrounded by positive and open-minded people because he is conscious of the fact that thinking of negativity and having a negative approach towards life will distract him from his path to success and happiness. That’s the reason he is always reluctant to paying his heed to the negativity around him. 

Apart from this, Mario Puglia is fond of traveling and enjoys exploring the beauty of nature. He knows how to enjoy every moment of his life and make it memorable. Moreover, he has a charming, attractive, and influencing personality with an impressive lifestyle and he is also very social and friendly. He is always found busy in pursuing his successful career. Despite being busy he has learned how to manage his personal, professional, and social life simultaneously. He is found active on social media platforms and has a huge fan following. This can be known from the fact that he on his social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook has amassed thousands of followers. More can be known about this versatile artist if he is followed on all his social media accounts, the links to which are given below.




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