Gerald Cardona (@xlgee)


Gerald Cardona is a young, emerging artist from the city of Jacksonville in Florida. He is passionate about music, and it inspires him to no end. He has always seen music as more than just art; it has been his inspiration, and now he wants to pursue it as a career. Confident in his skills and his passion, Gerald wants to produce music that will someday change the world and inspire people to keep persisting towards their dreams. He understands that the power of music is unmatched; it barges into the soul with no limitations and makes people come together despite the obstacles and differences. That’s why Gerald makes music- he wants to motivate people, give them hope, and send his message wide across. 

Florida is an important place in the world of music. It has long been a hub for diverse musical genres: from rap to folklore, from hip hop to Latino music, from jazz to indie rock. Florida is culturally diverse and home to many great artists. Inspired by his surroundings, Gerald grew up to be a music enthusiast and understands the intricacies of it. He has explored many genres of music and has been influenced by many artists from where he lives. He loves the power of music that brings people together from all backgrounds, and that has inspired him to pursue his dreams. Gerald has recently started producing his music and has recently released a new album called, “G.T.A” which has received a positive and enthusiastic response from his fans. 

Gerald publishes his music on all the big music platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Audiomack. His music is well-liked and streamed by his fans on Spotify, which has become the most popular streaming music service with more than 70 million paid subscribers. Spotify has become a scourge of emerging musicians who are finding opportunities to reach a bigger audience through this platform and making a living. 

When you go into a field as evolving as the music industry, it is important to protect your identity and make a unique reputation; that is why many artists use a stage name while working professionally. Gerald is also identified by his stage name Xlgee, which is unique and also reflects the persona of his hip hop music. Xlgee’s style of music consists of stylized rhythmic music that often accompanies rapping, a rhythmic, and rhyming speech. He is more inclined towards hip hop,  also referred to as rap music, is a style of prevalent music that began in the United States during the mid-1970s, and became part of the modern pop culture in the 80s. It is popular in the US, amongst Gen Z and Millennials.  Xlgee’s music reflects assonance, alteration, and rhyme and falls under the category of Hip Hop, and his style and close interaction with his fans have gained him a dedicated and loyal fan base. His fans enjoy the kind of music he produces, and you can see their reaction and support on his social media.

Gerald has released 13 songs in 2020, and all of them have received brilliant feedback from his dedicated fans. His music is relatable and evokes feelings, and thus, it has become popular amongst his fans. He wants to continue making music that will inspire people around him the way his idols inspired him. Gerald pushes himself to do better and believes hard work can turn anyone’s fate around. He is hoping to someday change the world for good with the help of his music. If anyone wants to look him for inspiration, his social media links are as follows: Instagram: @XlGee and Twitter: @realxlgee.

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