Christopher Lee Davenport (@madman_one)


Christopher Lee Davenport is an emerging rapper, record producer, songwriter, and lyrical genius in the music field. He was born in March 1979 and was and raised in Indianapolis. He grew up in a surrounding that was greatly influenced by music and from a young age of 13, he started developing great insights about music. Christopher’s musical taste was influenced heavily by the rap and rock music of the 80s and the early 90s.  In his childhood, he found relief in music that he was learning from the streets of Indianapolis, and he too started to rap in freestyle and decided to chase his dream about producing his music. With time he practiced more and more and became excellent in freestyle, and then he began to make music professionally. Currently, he has over a million streams worldwide on his music and that exhibits his success. To build a unique name in the field as evolving as the music industry, many artists use a stage name; Christopher also has a recognizable stage name “Madman1”. He was previously known as C-bone. 

Indianapolis is a hub of all kinds of music genres. It was one of the first places where jazz music became popular outside of Chicago and New Orleans. It is home to so much good hip-hop it’s unbelievable; some powerful, creative forces in Indiana are driving this burst of hip-hop music including producer, promoters, and the rappers themselves. There’s an incredible amount of talent, originality, and passion in the work of these artists, and it is hard to climb the ladder and make a distinctive name for oneself. Yet, Madman1 was able to do it. His style is not only original but also very personal that reflects his aura and personality and contributes towards bringing a new style to the genre of rap. Initially, Madman1 started to make his music independently and released many underground albums and projects to jump-start his career and build himself an audience. That led him to be recognized by many Hip-Hop enthusiasts.  

Rap music is a sub-genre of hip-hop music in which rhyming speech is chanted- or ‘rapped’- accompanied by musical instruments. At present, Rap music has advanced with the help of digital samplings and advanced deejaying, and the genre is evolving with new emerging artists producing their music. But Madman1’s music has a unique touch to it that has contributed towards him earning a dedicated fan-base. His music has a lyrical strategy that uses a distinctive wordplay and syllable combinations and has hints of a diverse range of subjects; in-real situations and anecdotes, familial relationships, motivational outlook, parables, and stories. His music goes beyond money, women, and drugs; it evokes feelings in the listener’s heart that makes them reflect.

Madman1 released his album called “Love and Hate” in early 2020, with many singles including Amends, Shot in The Dark, 2 Fans or a million, Off his Leash, Superhuman, and more on Spotify. His music is on all the big platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Amazon, and other streaming sites with over 5 million streams and almost 28 thousand followers.  Madman1 is signed up by a record label called MBMGlobal, which is managing many successful artists. His music has earned him a dedicated fanbase that streams his music and supports him. He is receiving a distinctive recognition in the music industry because of his unique touch in the music. 

Madman1’s work exhibits his passion, dedication, and loyalty to his profession. He is known to be a recognized part and an ambitious leader to the Hip-Hop industry. His individualistic style and genius have established him a distinctive spot in the music industry; he revels in the fact that his dedicated fan base enjoys his music to a great extent. If anyone wants to look him up, his social media links are as follow:

Spotify –

Instagram –

Youtube –

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