Andres Jaime (@ecmusik)


Music is one of the most common artistic mediums. It provides an outlet for artists to demonstrate their creativity and spread their message to the masses. Music has helped mankind navigate through dark and hopeless times in history. Musicians have an extraordinary ability to make their voices be heard. Artists have been the driving force behind many movements for creating change and spreading awareness throughout history. 

The music industry is known for its demanding and stressful environment. It takes more than talent in order to survive in the world of music. One needs to have incredible strength and drive. In order to succeed in this industry, one needs to be confident in their art. Out of the few people zealous and talented enough to make a name for themselves in the grueling world of music, Andres Jamie  – more famously known as EC –  is an aspiring urban making strides in the music industry. Growing up in a Latin household Andres was always surrounded by diverse music. Jamie grew up listening to tropical music like salsa and merengue. Andres never backed down from an opportunity to perform karaoke for friends and family. This early exposure to music allowed him to grow artistically and inspired Andres to create his own music. He found peace of heart while performing and realized that his passion and future lied in music.

Andres Jamie uses his Latin background to his advantage. His music is a perfect blend of traditional tropical music with the freshness of modern genres. His music is catchy and melodic yet thought-provoking and inspiring. His songs never fail to deliver a message. Andres prides himself on his lyrical abilities. His lyrics are personal and vulnerable. Andres does not shy away from talking about his struggles and failures in his music. He believes it is important to make music distinctive which is why he utilizes his incredible ability to narrate his life experiences into his music. Jamie treats his music like a personal diary, he beautifully reflects upon the struggles and challenges of his life in his music. The raw nature of Andres’s music is what gives it personality and sets him apart from the rest of the crowd.

Jamie’s climb to success in the music industry was not an easy one. He has faced his fair share of struggles in the path of realizing his dream. His path to finding success in the world of music has been filled with hardships. The aspiring artist had to scratch and claw for every single ounce of success. His tremendous heart and desire are what set him apart from his peers. His incredible ability to change with the times has allowed him to stay relevant through the years. This talented singer creates meaningful music and wants to change the world through his art. 

Andres’s proudest moments came when he was presented with the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the Latin music sensation who goes by the name of ‘YG’. This unbelievable opportunity propelled Jamie’s career to intangible heights. EC’s amazing talent and extraordinary work ethic have allowed him to build a career out of his passion. By using his history in sales to his advantage Jamie was able to make money and create a profit out of his passion for music. Andres is an independent artist whose expertise in the sales industry allowed him to promote and sell his art without even having to sing with a record label. His independent status has allowed EC to create music true to himself without the influence of external sources. This independence to demonstrate his creativity is what has helped Andres to stay one step forward from the competition. EC’s unique style and enthralling music have allowed him to build a passionate and loyal fan base

Andres’s incredible journey is evidence that anyone can mount to greatness, regardless of their background. In order to find success, the only thing a person needs is passion and drive. If you want to keep up with this emerging artist and his amazing career follow him on Instagram @ecmusik.

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