Yakir peace (@_yakir)


The non-stop competition in the business sector has always been present but in recent times it has been a lot more intense.  Hence, it is a lot more difficult for entrepreneurs to run their business smoothly. Despite the ever-growing competition, few entrepreneurs have been able to succeed in running their business without any hindrance. It could be because of the amount of research they did beforehand or because of their constant struggle but whatever they did was certainly the smartest move. 

Among such business owners who have managed to start their company by making an impact in the industry, there is one business owner known by the name Yakir. He is an Israel born entrepreneur who is well-known among celebrities for his skills and working ethic. He is the owner of an advertising company which is one of the best in the market. Ever since the start of his company he has met many influential people. Some have inspired him and some made him realize how big his company has gotten over the years. Working with celebrities also helped him grow his social networking and because of that, he was able to introduce himself in the entertainment industry. Owning an advertising company and being involved in the entertainment industry has been an advantage for Yakir. It gives him and his company a chance to expand to an even larger audience and let people know how remarkable his skills are.

Growing up Yakir always had a mindset to create an empire of his own. Even as a child he wanted to do something different and showcase his skills to the world. Soon he was mature enough to start working towards his dream. He worked tirelessly and devotedly to meet his goals. Alongside being a serious businessman, Yakir is also known as the life of the party. He is a very outgoing and thrill-seeking person. On his Instagram page @_yakir, his very happening life is seen to his 2k plus followers. There are multiple pictures of him with his group of friends enjoying their life to the fullest. The pictures he posts also give an idea of how much he enjoys music and has attended many music festivals. Moreover, he likes to enjoy his days exploring new places or traveling around the world. He goes on different ventures with his friends or alone to learn new things along the way. He has been to different places like Las Vegas, Mexico, New York, Egypt, Turkey, Berlin, Spain, Romania, Hungary, and countless more. He likes to meet different people and traveling has helped him make new friends. Furthermore, he likes to try all sorts of cuisine and is always developing new interests.

Being ambitious from a very young age made Yakir realize that a person needs to know how to work continuously and should know how to tackle problems on their own. Getting frustrated or overwhelmed by a little failure in life will never get you through the day. Facing an obstacle while following a dream is what makes a person stronger. It allows them to learn how to fight and get up. Similarly, Yakir constantly worked towards his passion projects instead of giving up. He accomplished so many things at a very young age and most importantly his hard work paid off when one of his clients became very famous. 

Adventurous, charming, determinant, focused are some of the words to describe Yakir. His work ethic and his ability to balance work and have fun along the way is quite impressive. He wants to spread love and urge people to show kindness towards others and live a happy life without any regrets.

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