Mihir Agni Khadri (@makizbak)


Mihir Agni Khadri; a student who also is the founder of a gaming company. He originates from Cary, North Carolina, however, he is currently residing in Tampa, Florida to complete his education. He studies Business Analysis at the University of South Florida while owning big gaming entrepreneurship on the side! He is the Chief Of Operations of IlluZion Gaming, which is a globally recognized organization that focuses on fighting based games and primarily 1v1 competitions. The company has been functioning for seven years, and that gives great insight into how young Mihir was when his business venture began. 

Mihir Agni Khadri was always into games and the concept of playing. He grew up as a longboarder, thus skateboarding provided the grooming that every gamer needs. He switched to gaming after skating for a long time, and that change allowed him to learn about the industry and how it worked. The skills and knowledge that one needs to own and manage a business start with the person well equipped with the product. In this case, Mihir had the right tools and expertise as he already was an efficient gamer and a part of the E-sports industry. A couple of friends and Mihir discovered the world of E-sports together as they were finding new hobbies other than longboarding. Eventually, these people invested in a company together and gave birth to IlluZion Gaming.

IlluZion Gaming originated from scratch focusing on ARMS and gradually picking up players from more games in order to diversify the organization. In a year, this organization became more famous and started making profits. Right now, IlluZion Gaming is the most prominent Super Smash Bros organization worldwide, Pokken World Champions, and stands on 1st place in the Nintendo game ARMS. They also began hiring players from many games, including their most skillful players from Super Smash Bro. A few of these brilliant players working for IlluZion are Pandarian, Raffi-x, and Juice who have competed in tournaments all over the USA bringing back victories. In return, the company has gotten a lot of publicity, and followers that are constantly looking forward to watching more competitions. The players have also won the place in the top 16 in the world producing significant success for the company. IlluZion Gaming also looks ahead to battling in the Smash World Tour plus more matches in the future. They further plan on growing into more team games in the expected year! 

Mihir Agni Khadri as a person has grown a lot since the start of this legacy. Everything that he visualized as a child is forming a reality day by day in front of his eyes. He has been traveling and gaining new experiences with his players since the age of 19. According to Mihir, he lives the best life that anyone could imagine and loves planing for trips on every tour and competition. He manages all accounts, the salaries, airbnbs, and details of all the plans set out for each event. Not only is this job a great responsibility, but shows how skillful and talented Mihir is from a very young age. He can handle a world-class organization as part-time work while struggling with studies in the daytime. He does all this work with determination and passion, and even wishes this was his full-time job soon! If you are curious about Mihir and want to be updated about him, then follow his Instagram through the username makizbak. He also has a Twitter that can be accessed if you type in mihirkhadri. 

IlluZion Gaming is a success story for all the members that took part in creating it. The business is administered by young influential individuals who love the art of gaming and want to expand the E-sports enterprise. The Instagram of this company has over 85 thousand followers and that speaks for itself how popular IlluZion is in the world. If E-sports fascinates you, then you can follow Mirhir’s business and witness the overwhelming accomplishment that this man has built over the years. The Instagram username is gamingilluzion and their official website can be viewed in the link down below. 


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