Mario Michael Gonsalves (@gonsalvesmario)


The entertainment industry plays a prominent and important role in today’s world, it can be used as an outlet to create awareness and bring the issues of our society to light. The film industry has been around since the 19th century and has played a huge role in the advancement of mankind. Films can be used to change people’s perception of social issues and highlight the often sickening reality of today’s world. The role of the director is essential to the world of cinema, yet it is often overlooked by the general public. A director’s job is to control the visual aspects of a movie, then adapt a script into a piece of visual art. Directors can be viewed as the author of the film, they fulfill the vision of a scriptwriter into reality. The perfect director can ascend a story to unimaginable heights. 


One of these extraordinarily talented individuals is Mario Michael Gonsalves. Born in the Netherlands, Mario’s parents moved to Aruba when he was just three years old, this is where he grew up and developed a passion for art. Initially Mario wanted to go to flight school in order to pursue a career as an airline pilot, but unfortunately, he was not able to afford it. Mario had always been artistically profound, he did not let this set back affect his future and ventured into his creative side. This is when Mario realized he had a knack for filmmaking. In 2011 he created a Youtube channel to share his aptitude as a director with the world. His youtube channel slowly started to gain traction and attracted the attention of various art institutions in Aruba. These institutions helped in funding Mario’s education to expand his knowledge and expertise in film making. Mario traveled to Maine, USA, where he was introduced to the world of professional cinema. He attended classes given by BAFTA-nominated cinematographer Roberto Schaefer at the American Society of Cinematography. In order to further improve his understanding of film making, Mario attended classes at the New York film academy and USC in Los Angeles. Later in 2015, Mario was accepted into the HKU University of Arts in Utrecht Netherlands where he majored as a film director. While studying at HKU Mario came across many incredible opportunities to work with established music artists and record labels such as Sony Music, Universal Music, and Disney Music as a music video director.

Mario’s passion lies in making films about the prejudices and discrimination faced by migrants. He strongly believes that it is his duty to use his platform for the good of humanity. He understands that as a filmmaker he is responsible for creating awareness and educating the masses. Mario’s 2019 award-winning film ‘Patroon’ was highly acclaimed by critics and audiences. The film follows the story of a young immigrant teen’s journey to adolescence. Gonsalves produced this film alongside the world-known documentary website Vice. Mario has directed over 200 million views worth of films. He has had the honor of working with some of the biggest names of Dutch cinema such as Sofia Carson, R3HAB, Rauw Alejandro, and Kat Graham. Mario is highly respected and well-reputed within his community due to his work for the big screen as well as his humanitarian projects for the community. This emerging filmmaker has always been very outspoken against injustice against minorities and has constantly used his platform to bring attention to these issues. He works closely with humanitarian organizations such as Amnesty International.

Mario Gonsalves has been featured on several local Dutch media outlets, he has been interviewed by websites like De Film Krant. Mario’s undeniable talent and strong work ethic have presented him with unimaginable opportunities. His extraordinary artistic abilities have helped him pave his own path in the harsh and demanding world of the film industry. His story is an inspiration for all aspiring artists. Mario Gonsalves’s ability to withstand and endure injustice and overcome obstacles has allowed him to achieve greatness. You can keep up with Mario’s work by following his Instagram “@gonslavesmario”.

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