Julius ballo (@juliusballo)


Boxing is a sport that has been played for centuries by both men and women. It offers them an escape from a meaningless and dull life. But as time has passed, boxing has established itself as a respectable sport. People have different kinds of dreams. For men and women who are passionate about boxing, it is an escape. They fight not to inflict pain on others, but to protect themselves and to become the best fighter in the rink. Their tools are their fists, and they use them to prove their worth and capabilities.

Julius “JuJu” Barro started taking an interest in the sport of boxing at the very young age of three when he first became fascinated by it. He was raised in a family of boxers, so that came as a surprise to no one. 

Julius’s father was an amateur boxer who was head over heels in love with boxing. His own father, Julius’s grandfather, had put his foot down and told him he would have to give up boxing and support his family, so that’s what he did. When Julius was born, he brought his son to one of the local boxing gyms, his heart full of hope that his little boy would grow up to fulfill the dreams that he could never achieve for himself. When three-year-old Julius threw his first punch in an attempt to box, his father was beyond elated and started teaching his son about the sport. Later, at the age of only eight, Julius fought his first boxing match.

He practiced day and night as he found his life’s mission very early in his life. He had a dream in his eyes and a passion coursing through the boxer’s blood in his veins. He worked with his father and his coaches and fought matches here and there in an attempt to be the best. His talent was undeniable and he gained himself a respectable reputation in the field from a young age. 

After fighting and winning multiple amateur matches, he aimed for the leagues. Eventually, he fought a hundred fights, and not only that, but he is also a multi-national champion and two-time international-champion.

He joined the Bomber Squad Academy, where he learned to polish his skills. He was sent to multiple tournaments. In 2016, at the age of thirteen, Julius represented his local LBC 44 District of US Amateur Boxing in the 12/13-year-old, 90-pound weight bracket. He not only defeated the previous year’s Silver Gloves State champion, but he also defeated the previous year’s Silver Gloves National Champion. Thus, being celebrated as the champion of the 2016 California Silver Gloves. The organizers were so impressed, they named him the outstanding boxer of the tournament. In 2017, he defended his title and succeeded.

At the age of fifteen, Team USA Boxing select placed him on their roster, and he was sent to Ireland to defend his title. He also went to England to compete. His talent is undeniable and his skills are top-notch. Everywhere he goes, he attracts attention and people are left in awe. Now, at the age of seventeen, he is an eight-time national champion in boxing with two international trophies under his belt.

When asked about who his greatest supporters have been, he mentions his father who has supported his dream since he was a child. He also holds an incredible amount of respect and reverence for his head coach Berlin Kerney and his strength and conditioning coach Tez Avant. He has made a huge name for himself, and yet he is incredibly humble about his roots.

He aims to improve his skills even more and win more international titles to make a name for himself. His ultimate goal is to land a spot on the Olympic roster and go on to win a gold medal. Once he turns professional, he wishes to become a world champion in multiple weight classes. With the rate at which he keeps moving forward, that dream seems like it is achievable in the very near future.

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