Angela Langton (@classichollywoodicons)

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The film industry heavily dominates our era. Ever since we were little kids, we have found ourselves captivated by films. We spend countless amounts of wealth watching movies in the cinema, and sometimes we go back to watch the same flick twice or even more than that. Indeed, it makes one wonder what is so special about films? Well, if we look into it, movies make us feel something. They converse to our fears, our desires, and our secrets. They permit us to escape existence and empower us to dream the impossible. Films quench our thirst for longing, yet at the same time remind us about the reality, about our emotions, about everything we want to run from.

Where movies remind us of our life, it can also become someone’s life. One of its most prominent examples is Angela Langton. She is an Ireland resident who is a teacher by profession. However, teaching isn’t her dream. Since an early age, Angela Langton has found herself allured by old Hollywood movies. She didn’t know when and how it started, but she heeded herself, always looking up old films and then reading up on the actors in those movies. She would always admire the incredible talent, beauty, and charm in the era of classic Hollywood, a term used by film critique to refer to American cinema from 1910 to 1960s. This era changed the film world wholly. It is, to this day, acknowledged as the powerful and pervasive style of film-making worldwide.

The era of classic Hollywood became an integral part of Angela. The movies became her teacher. She looked up to characters and actors from that era while growing up. In doing so, she learned what’s right and what’s not through those movies.  She had learned the importance of family, friends, and other relationships. Movies taught her how to interact and form a stronger bond with others. It also taught her to study the world differently. It molded her into the person she is today.

Unfortunately, this generation seems to be forgetting about the power the classic Hollywood holds. Angela Langton didn’t like how things were proceeding and how the era that was her entire life was being disregarded.  She wanted to retrieve the old classics and prevent them from being forgotten. Therefore Angela set up an account on Instagram called Classic Hollywood icons, where she posts about old Hollywood movies and actors with quotes said by them as captions.

Angela commenced her blogger journey with her first post on 17 March 2019 with a photo of the person she looks up to the most, Audrey Hepburn. From that moment on, she put blood, sweat, and tears into her page. No one has worked as assiduously as her, and her account is evidence of it. It was all because of her passion and drive to keep the actor and actress’s memories from the classic Hollywood era alive that her page reached one hundred seventeen thousand followers.

Some people start Instagram with the hope of attaining a certain level of fame, but that wasn’t the case for Angela. For her, it was mainly to keep that era alive and thriving. It was all because of her passion and pure intentions that her page blew up. The love and the feedbacks of her followers keep her working even harder. The thought that one more person is aware of the people who gave her life meaning is sufficient for Angela to know that her efforts are working.

This fervency and drive are evident in other aspects of Angela’s life as well. She is fascinated by music, art, and literature. It also explains why she pursued a degree in English. There is no doubt in saying that her passion has completely taken over her entire life.

‘The most important thing is to remain active, and to love what you are doing’ is what Leslie Caron once said. This quote is what Angela Langton lives by. No matter what life tosses at her, she feels content with herself because she follows her dreams, something she learned to do through the movies. Angela is a true inspiration for us all as she teaches us no matter how much the world evolves, but the spark of tradition and history would never be replaced or vanished. Her growing Instagram account is living proof of it.

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