Smokey sims (@smokey_sims)


Smokey Sims is an actor who is widely known for his roles in the movies ‘For Life’, ‘City on a Hill’ and ‘Godfather of Harlem’. Additionally, he has also portrayed multiple characters in the television series based on the Marvel Comics superhero called Luke Cage. The show is produced by Marvel Television and airs on Netflix. On the show, Smokey Sims has played different roles in multiple episodes. Smokey Sims played the role of a Drug Dealer on the show’s episode titled ‘Soul Brother #1’. He has also been featured as a Spectator in the episode ‘I Get Physical’ of the popular Marvel Television series. In the show’s episode ‘They Reminisce over You (T.R.O.Y.)’, Smokey Sims can be seen playing the role of a Bar Patron. 

Smokey Sims belongs to the South Bronx in New York. The place is known as a popular spot for drug dealing, fighting, and other illicit activities. Hailing from such a place, Smokey Sims too had a choice to either get into selling drugs or struggle and escape the system by gaining the education and working on his talents. The conditions were such that if one didn’t find a passion for sports, music, or being a scholar, they’d be stuck in the endless chain of illegal criminal activities. Smokey Sims found his escape in entertainment and eventually succeeded in achieving his goals.

In addition to being an excellent actor with a successful career in films and movies, Smokey Sims is also an extremely talented singer. With over 17 thousand monthly listeners on one of the most popular music app Spotify, the singer has released multiple songs throughout his career in singing. In addition to Spotify, the singer is also doing well on iTunes, where his songs are received by a large audience. Smokey Sims also entertains audiences by singing in clubs, where his music is appreciated and loved. 

Smokey Sims uses YouTube to reach out to his fans. He has over 180 subscribers on his YouTube channel, with a total of four videos to his name. On his YouTube channel, Smokey Sims puts up short video clips, in which he takes the viewers on a trip to the studios he works in.  

Smokey Sims is very popular on the social media platform Instagram, where he is followed by over 13 thousand people. The talented actor and singer have 246 posts on Instagram. Through the platform, he interacts with his audience and keeps them informed of his latest releases. 

Smokey Sims is very strong-willed and is determined to achieve his goals. He strongly believes in the struggle, and is very professional in his work life. He tries to get the job done and makes sure that he holds back for no one. Through his Instagram posts, Smokey constantly motivates his followers with words of encouragement as uploads or as captions. He encourages his followers to be strong, even when encountered with difficult times. He feels that one must keep striving and must continue to follow the light until the darkness passes by. According to the young actor, no one has the strength to break a person but the person himself. 

Smokey Sims is determined to achieve greatness and has met many great personalities throughout his journey as a singer and actor. One such personality who he had the opportunity of working closely with is a popular American Rapper 50 Cent. Smokey Sims also had the opportunity of doing skits for a show hosted by 50 Cents. The performance was met with over a million views on the rapper’s Instagram profile.

Smokey Sims strongly supports the idea of helping others and does so through his charitable works and donations. Throughout his career, Smokey Sims has also modelled for several charity events.  On one of his posts on Instagram, the young actor talks about how everyone possesses the ability and power to help others, and encouraged people to use the power and come to other people’s aid. 

Fans can follow Smokey Sims on Instagram as smokey_sims. The talented entertainer can also be found on YouTube as smokey sims Official Channel. 

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