Pasquale Zito (@pzito91)


Pasqual Zito, born and raised in Ottawa, is an ambitious and immensely talented 17-year-old junior hockey player for the Windsor Spitfires team in the Ottawa Hockey League (OHL). Zito currently plays as forwards for the 2019-20 regular season. 

This champion’s story begins at a tender age. His passion for hockey led him to join the Mississauga Rebels Minor Midgets as number 61 for the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) for which he scored 28 goals and 45 assists in 52 games. Zito played as a strong-bodied forward with a daring and dangerous combination of speed and power in his game strategy. His major strengths include agile puck-protection and he is near to invincible when it comes to driving the net or dragging the puck to scoring areas. His wide array of skills and amazing score stats led him a spot on the OHL Team; Windsor Spitfires. 

In a 2018 interview with Zach Scribner, Zito says he trains in the gym 4-5 times a week and plays on the ice about 2 times a week. He went on to say that he doesn’t let the pressure get to his head and plays with a dedication to bringing home a win from the tournament. He remains calm and focuses on his strategy to follow victory. As you can already tell, Zito has a burning desire to achieve victory in each match but keeps his feelings and strategy intact. He makes sure that he involves his puck-protection skills which definitely promise a win for the team. His calm and dexterous flow of work has been praised by many and it is certain that he’ll be having many fans rooting for him. 

He began his journey with the Spitfires in the April 2019 OHL Priority Selection where he stood #41 overall in the second-round pick. He was selected to play as forwards for the 2019-20 season. Getting drafted for the OHL is a dream for many players as it is a platform that leads to even bigger platforms such as the National Hockey League (NHL). Hence it is no surprise that Zito’s puck-protection and scoring skills secured him a spot in the Spitfires and it is safe to say, he is one of the best players on the team. General Manager Warren Rychel expressed his ecstasy while announcing Pasqual’s commitment to the Windsor Spitfires and praised his work ethic. Moreover, Rychel says he is a “true Spitfire” and his native’s style of play is what will make him a fan favorite. We do hope so because the young hockey prodigy is already making headlines and soon enough, we’ll be able to watch him play in the NHL with his name being chanted by thousands of fans around the globe!

Pasqual Zito’s first milestone with the Windsor’s was back on September 27th, 2019, where Zito scores his first career OHL goal adding up to the score chart; making it a 2 to 0. Pasqual being only seventeen and having such immense talent, the crowd came to their feet and cheered him on! 

In 2019, Pasqual led his team to victory and achieved the title of the OHL Gold Cup for GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League). With only a minute left, Pasqual came out soaring like a champion by unleashing the perfect shot! His timely shot and strategy were praised vastly. 

Besides his career as a hockey player, Zito has shared his personal interests too. Though he states to not watch TV a lot, he does play video games and still enjoys life as a teenage boy. Pasqual’s favorite video game is Fortnite and his favorite hockey team is the Tampa Bays because of their remarkable speed and strength. Zito says he frequently enjoys watching the NHL games. Pasqual’s all-time celebrity crush is Selena Gomez and well, we can definitely agree with Zito because the Wizards of Waverley Places star Selena Gomez and singing prodigy is nearly every teenage boy’s fantasy!

Very recently, Zito made a statement on Twitter expressing his gratitude towards the Spitfires, fans, family, and friends. He says he is deeply saddened to hear that playoff was cancelled but understands that it is for everyone’s safety. 

We wish the very talented Pasqual best of luck for the future! 

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