Maximillian Thornton (@hotboymaxa)


Music has always been a significant and indispensable part of human life. It accompanies people in every situation and people irrespective of their age and gender love listening to music because it has a pleasing effect on the ears and soothing effect to souls. Every nation throughout the world has its own national and cultural songs and people easily understand the language of music. In this respect, Clay Aiken very beautifully says, “A song is like a smile if you meet people from another country, even if you do not speak the same language, you know what a smile means. A song works the same way. Music produces feelings that need no translation”. And he is very much true in his saying because the language of music is widely believed to be universal that knows no boundaries. Thus, the music flows freely beyond the barriers of language, religion, country, etc. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very multi-talented and multi-dimensional person whose name is Maximillian Thornton. 

Maximillian Thornton is from Los Angeles, California. Professionally he is a Hip Hop artist at the Money Team South. Besides this, he is a Promotional Model/ Brand Ambassador at TMT Music Group.  As far as his education is concerned, he has studied Business Marketing at Clark Atlanta University. He has a natural tendency and inclination towards music since his childhood and he decided to step into the music industry when he realized that he had a captivating voice and ability to move any one’s heart and soul with his mesmerizing music. He besides trusting himself believes in hard work because he is well aware of the fact that in the music industry there is a cut-throat competition among artists and those who strive hard can reach the acme of their career. That’s why; he keeps working and striving hard to be a successful artist. Owing to his commitment and strong determination, he has received a lot of recognition in the industry.  His songs are worth listening to and can easily be found on all music streaming networks. People love listening to his music and appreciate him a lot. People’s likeness and appreciation for him are sources of encouragement. Because of this, he tries his best to bring the best out of him in his every performance. 

 In addition to this, Maximillian Thornton always remains active in socio-political activities. He works in collaboration with the local government to bring police reforms. Additionally, he is an artist who believes in being positive-minded and focuses on the positive moments of life. He not only dislikes the company of pessimists but also abhors being surrounded by negativity because he is conscious of the fact that negativity besides discouraging people also distracts them from the path to success that’s why avoiding negativity is necessary in order to keep one’s eyes fixed on one’s goals. Besides this, Maximillian Thornton is extrovert and friendly who not only loves being in social gatherings but also likes having interaction with people around him. He does not miss going into social events and participating in conferences. He believes in equality and loves humanity that’s why he is against racism and has been the active part of the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

Despite being busy in pursuing his passion, he has been able to develop a balance between his personal, professional, and social life. He is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Because of his strong social networking skills he has a huge fan following. This can be witnessed from the fact that he on his social media accounts has hundreds of followers. He has his YouTube channel too. Through his social media accounts, he keeps updating his fans and followers about his personal, professional, and social life. More can be learned about this talented and young artist if he is followed on his social media accounts. The links to his Social media account and YouTube channel are given below. 




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