Marcus Clark (@marclovelife)


Anyone who listens to music and closely follows their favorite artists know that they are always decked in the best clothes from head to toe. Be it in music videos, interviews, red carpets, or even on a casual day out, there is always a mastermind behind their flawless and immaculate fashion. These are people who have an unmatched sense of style, people who know what kind of clothing cuts look good on certain people, what color matches their personality or the look that they desire, what kind of jewelry would look good with a certain outfit. Not only is it a painstakingly long task that requires the utmost care, but it is also stressful as these stylists cannot afford to let their clients look bad! 

Since celebrities always have cameras surrounding them, their stylists sure have their work cut out for them. Marcus Clark, who goes by Marc, is also one of these people. He is a celebrity stylist, fashion designer, and an artist who has been in the industry for a long time and has worked with some of the biggest names in music and fashion. 

Born and raised in Prince George’s County in Maryland, Marc always had a keen interest in fashion. In high school, he made a brand for himself by designing and selling hand-painted graphic tee shirts. Knowing he had something for design and fashion, he moved to Brooklyn, New York straight after college and established the Marcc brand. Today, he has been able to transform his company into a successful business through unrelenting dedication and passion for what he loves. His “Farsighted Frenchie” and “Love Life” tees were sold at Urban Outfitters outlets and were quick to become their most sold articles. He is now licensed with Hybrid Apparel and his designs are sold at Sears in retail and on their website. 

His success certainly did not burn out, as Marc soon caught the eye of many big names in Hollywood and fashion. Some of the celebrities that he has worked with and ones that have worn his brand are British Boyband The Wanted, Will.I.Am, Taraji P. Henson, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Jay Z. That’s a stellar, star-studded clientele if we’ve ever seen one! 

His work is not limited to just celebrities, as Marc has also traveled to work with some of the biggest names in fashion. His work includes directing fashion shows and coordinating huge events! He has worked with the likes of Alexander Wang, Alex Wang, Andrew Mukamal, magazines like Italian Vogue, Vibe Magazine, and OK! Magazine. He also styled Pepsi’s 2020 Super Bowl commercial and Sony’s “Superfly”. Some artists whose music videos he styled are The Weeknd and Future’s “Low Life”, Drake’s “One Dance”, Chris Brown’s “Leave Broke”, Nikyee Heaton, and Migos’ “Bad Intentions” amongst many. 

Marc’s website ( is where all his works and collaborations are displayed, as well as the red carpet looks that he has styled. Some of them are from major events like The Academy Awards! Other platforms he uses are Instagram (@marclovelife) where he gives frequent updates about his life. One look at his profile confirms that he is an extremely health conscious person, as his feed showcases his toned body and him playing different sports or hitting the gym. He has also added highlights of his travels, his fitness regime and his workouts, and some behind-the-scenes moments from sets and his style.

Last year, Marc was involved in an unfortunate incident where around $20,000 worth of designer clothing and wardrobe items were taken off-set and not returned to him. It resulted in a lawsuit as the other side was not acknowledging their mistake and forced Marc to push for a large sum payoff to compensate for damages and the stolen items.  

Regardless of having such regrettable and stressful run-ins with difficult clients, Marc is an extremely talented and successful stylist and we wish him good luck and health for the future! He has done a brilliant job so far and we’re sure he will continue to do so. 

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