Lukas Zischke (@lukaszischke)


Lukas Zischke is a freelance photographer, media designer, and art director based in Germany. The jobs that he does have been Zischke’s passion for a very long time that led him to start his own company in early 2018 at just the mere age of 23 when he was a photographer and a trained media designer.

Now, Zischke has over 12 years of experience in all of his fields and has worked towards specialising himself in cooperating and mingling with the corporate clients. In recent years, this has proven to be successful as he has been able to win over the hearts of a large number of the biggest brands in the entire world. Impressing such big brands that are so huge that it is not only incredibly difficult to find work with them but also that they seek only the best in the industry tell a lot about the quality of Zischke’s work and the passion he puts into it. some of the brands that he has worked with include the likes of AUDI, BOSE, SENGER, DESENIO, WARNER, and PUMA.

As he continues to work with the biggest names in the business all over the world, it is of no surprise that his work also has been published and talked about by the biggest media companies as well. These companies include the GQ, Times, Bravo, and Bild. Despite his work being one of the best as it is recognized by both the top industry brands and the media leads as well, Zischke still found it extremely surreal that his work and pictures got the traction they did online on social media. Zischke’s work and photos have gotten so much engagement and traction over the years that he has now more than eighty thousand followers over in social media and owns his brand. This is a feat to accomplish at just the age of 23.

Aside from working for such big brands, Zischke also makes sure to spend his time using his talent and passion to create content for free so that it is accessible to anyone in the world! One of the ways he does this is by coming up and publishing free Adobe Lightroom Presets and Fotoposter. It is through his presets, anyone in the world can try to achieve the same or a similar look that all Zischke’s pictures have. This particular look has become his style and is of no surprise that so many people also want it for their pictures. Zischke categorizes his presets in three different categories, all of which have their particular looks, Creative, New York, and Norway.

Lukas Zischke’s photos have a very distinct look that anyone can tell that the photo is his. He has a knack for making extremely normal photos look completely surreal as if they are straight out of a fantasy movie. He achieves this primarily through colours. As Zischke includes the element of nature in almost all of his photos by including either the sky or the sea or sometimes both, he captures the colours in a way that they look ethereal and completely out of the world.


With the amount of hard work, passion, and dedication that Zischke puts in all of his work, it is of no surprise that it is reflected in the positive reviews he gets on his works that are purchased by people from all over the world. Laura A, a verified purchaser of Zischke’s work, writes that his pictures were so unique, creative, and inspiring that she immediately ordered three pictures and is “blown away.” Similarly, Svane S also only has good things to say as she purchased a printed poster that she now hangs in her living room and was in awe of its stable paper and high-quality image printing. Zischke’s work makes it so it looks beautiful no matter what platform it is presented on.

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