Bounydej Sananikone (@bounyadej)


Bounydej Sananikone is a successful realtor and social media influencer based in the US and Laos. He is a well-educated individual who has studied at some of the top universities in the world. Using what he learned, he went on to join one of the largest real estate companies in Laos and eventually co-founded his own real estate agency. He is also a huge fan of fitness and dabbles in other business ventures.

Bounyadej has been considered to be a smart individual ever since he was a young child. He was a very bright child in school who always brought home good grades. He enjoyed studying and being productive with his time. Drive and determination were instilled in him from an early age and remains with him even today. When he got older, he started thinking about which institutions he wished to learn more from. He had big dreams to attend the best universities in America and so, he started working towards it.

He applied to many different places and finally got accepted by Brown University for the International Law and Legal Studies program. He and his family were delighted. Bounyadej was excited to finally set his life on the path he had imagined it to be on. While attending the program for a year, he developed many different bonds and connections with his peers. Not only that, but he learned a lot about America and the world. He was studying with some of the best instructors in the world.

After graduating, he figured he was not done with his studies just yet. Bounyadej was very interested in real estate and already was doing quite well in it. He was the Managing Principal of Norasing Real Estate Holdings in Laos. He has always enjoyed being the reason behind happy families living in their dream homes. He considers it a very fulfilling moment in his career whenever he sees a satisfied customer. Thus, he began studying real estate at New York University as he wished to understand the industry from a global perspective.

He used what he learned from his time with Norasing Real Estate Holdings and New York University and co-founded his own business, Luang Prabang Holdings. He holds a high post in the firm as the Head of Residential Real Estate. He works with a team of people to ensure they are leaving their mark on the US real estate industry.

Currently, the successful realtor has over 20K followers on Instagram alone. He is also active on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn. He tries to promote his work and his other interests on his page by posting daily. This ensures that his followers are being able to keep up with his life and learn about him constantly. He has been particularly active during the quarantine.

Bounyadej is a fitness fanatic and loves to show this on his Instagram. He enjoys being healthy and working out. He is often sharing updates on how his body is progressing in the hopes to inspire other people to start their fitness journey. He enjoys the feeling of being active and productive to avoid lethargy.

Fitness and food go hand in hand. Bounyadej is a big fan of food and enjoys dining at some of the best restaurants around. He likes to take pictures of his food and post it to his Instagram to show followers a peek of what his life is like and also to review the food. People enjoy seeing such content as they get to learn more about his interests.

Bounyadej also shares other content on his Instagram such as when he travels or some of his other ventures such as investing in cryptocurrencies. He is using his work and interests to bring himself to fame. Fans enjoy learning more about him and how he lives his life. Bounyadej hopes to keep living his dreams and inspiring others to work hard to achieve what they want in life. He is happy to have their support.

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