Bellissimo International Corp (@bellissimohats)


Bellissimo Hats is an international brand that specializes in making high-quality hats. The brand has become highly popular amongst celebrities, athletes, and hat lovers in general. The brand is especially unique because they manufacture their hats themselves and then sell them directly to their customers. This ensures that the hats are made from the highest quality materials and the customer gets a product that is authentic and durable. Bellissimo Hats is making a name for itself in the fashion community and is extremely popular amongst hat lovers. 

The brand is originally based in New York City, United States but they deliver worldwide and this ensures that hat lovers all over the world have the opportunity to buy their top quality products. It offers high-quality fedoras that are both custom made or off the shelf. The hats are made from 100% rabbit or beaver fur which is imported from Europe and then manufactured in Canada and Italy. The option to order custom hats gives customers the chance to buy hats that fit their specific requirements and are tailored to their size. The quality of the materials and manufacturing means that customers are always left satisfied.

These days, many brands operate online which allows them to cater to a consumer base they may have not been able to access through just a physical store. In order to successfully operate online, brands must create an effective social media presence and promote their products. Bellissimo Hats has worked to create a prominent social media presence in order to reach new customers. They can be found on Instagram as @bellissimohats and have garnered a following of over 16 thousand people. They have used Instagram as a platform to promote and market their products. This allows existing customers to check out their new designs and also helps the brand reach new customers. They post beautifully shot pictures of their hats. The hats are often modeled by handsome male models and customers and this allows new customers to gauge how great the hats look when they are worn. The pictures are also paired with uplifting and informative captions. One of their recent pictures was captioned with a Tom Ford quote that states “Dressing well is a form of good manners”. Captions like these encourage their followers to dress well and invest in their wardrobes by buying unique accessories like Bellissimo’s hats. 


There is also a Bellissimo Hats website ( which ensures that the online shopping experience for customers is smooth and satisfactory. The website has a section called “All Styles” which showcases the different varieties of styles Bellissimo’s manufactures. This makes it convenient for customers to browse through the different styles and decide which one is best for them. Some of their recent hats include the “Summertime” which is vibrant and fresh-looking and the “Valencia” which is sleek and smart. They also sell other products such as Hat carriers and Fedora Hat Brush Lint removers. These products enhance the customer’s experience with the hats and make sure they last long. The website also has a Sizing section that teaches customers how to check their sizes and order so their custom hats can fit perfectly.

Many Bellissimo hats can be found on Pinterest. There is a Pinterest collection called “Bellissimo Hats – Celebrities” which contains pictures and videos of celebrities wearing and appreciating their hats. 

Bellissimo sells high-quality hats and it is emerging as a major name in the fashion industry. Their hats are highly sought after by celebrities and hat-lovers from all around the world. They also use the best quality materials and have unique designs. The brand also offers customers a smooth online shopping experience which guarantees their satisfaction. Bellissimo’s has become a major name in the fashion industry and they will surely continue to gain popularity. 

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