Yesser Laham (@yesseroninsta)


In the past six months, sitting at home and shut off from the world because of the pandemic, there’s one thing most of us have realized; how heavily we rely on art. Art comes in many forms for sure- too many people limit it to drawing and paintings and forget that art is the spirit of creating. Room décor is thought out by artists, clothes are designed by artists, and films are written, directed, and produced by artists. Making a movie or a TV show is a lot of hard work, determination, and coordination and would be impossible to do without having a very strong passion for it.

One such person born with the undeniable charm and determination to pursue this field is Yesser Laham. While the name is now well known to those who follow upcoming artists in the film industry, we must acknowledge the hard work and journey he had to go through to reach this stage!

Yesser knew from a very young age that he wasn’t made for science or mathematics or business or anything that parents generally push their children towards, he was engrossed in movies and cinema. From the tender age of eight, he knew he wanted to be an actor and spent his years growing up imitating actors and acting out skits. As he grew up, he realized that there wasn’t any such program in Dubai for him so he did his undergraduate degree in Graphic Designing. However, soon after that he found out the NY Film program through his brother and enrolled himself immediately! 

Once Yesser got comfortable in the field during his degree, he shifted to the USA to complete his degree and earned his master’s degree for the film through that situation. Yasser had already worked on a few short films but during the last two years of his degree, he made his track feature films and started working on those. The idea he had for Landfill was through a disturbing visit to a landfill site a few years ago. His class was very receptive to his pitch and thus he started his work on the masterpiece. Yesser was appreciated for his talent even when he was in school and especially when he graduated with honors from the New York Film Academy. 

It took Yesser only two years in the USA to produce his feature film- he had to write the script, gather funds, hire actors, and successfully direct and shoot it. One of the brilliant factors in the film was the fact that Yasser was able to get Linda Blair to act in the film for him through a friend of his. It goes on to prove how important it is to be social and cultivate connections in this field to get ahead!

Yesser has only just started but he dreams big, His goal is to work with all the artists he has looked up to throughout his life and some of the people to grace his list are Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Anna Chlumsky, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Dylan McDermott, Morgan Freeman, Jeffery Dean Morgan, and Robert Downey Jr. His list is much longer but he wants to take it slow and steady until he can succeed.

In the past few years, Yesser has gained enough popularity to be accustomed to having his fan follow him on his Instagram: @yesseroninsta and talk about anything and everything. He has gained popularity for multiple reasons; the films he has shot, the actors he has chosen to cast in his film, and from aspiring filmmakers looking for some guidance. With work like his, there’s no doubt that Landfill is just one of the many brilliant films he will produce and we’re all excited to see more!

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